The world has been rocked by the current pandemic and any semblance of normal we used to know is now a distant memory. We are all learning to make do and navigate this time in the best ways we can... that includes finding creative ways to stay connected as a team and build morale, even when we’re far apart. 

With in-person teambuilding activities, lunches, water cooler chats and corporate retreats all on hold indefinitely, companies now more than ever are looking to find innovative ways to introduce remote socializing, break up the monotony of staying in and attempting to bring a little cheer to the dreary apartment walls we are all subjected to staring at day after day. 

True to Moniker's ethos, we have been hard at work behind the scenes devising a handful of creative, custom-designed and engaging remote team building activities that can be seamlessly delivered to your remote team via Zoom. Digging a little deeper, here are few ideas that go beyond the group chat room ice breakers, knitting circles and sharing photos of toilet paper stashes. 

A Virtual Murder Mystery | A Unique and Fun Way to Engage Your Entire Team

We have brought the well-loved Murder Mystery Dinner party game online, but with a whole lot more pizzazz. This unique teambuilding activity immerses you in the story as your team becomes a squad of detectives interrogating a slew of suspects. Teams are tasked with cross-examining the alibis over 3 rounds, piecing together the clues and uncovering hints as the story unfolds. 

Designed and produced in collaboration with a murder mystery writer and a cast of professional actors, this 2-hour experience offers a premium teambuilding activity that stimulates lively debate and camaraderie as teams pull together to decipher who is guilty. 

Our virtual murder mystery has been developed wit 2 intriguing scenarios, making it easy to scale to the size and needs of your particular group. The first, an untimely murder at an eighties-themed wedding (Love in the First Degree), and the second - a murder on the International Space Station (Space Crime Continuum). Can you figure out whodunit?  

Disaster and Survival Exercises | A Perfect Way to Promote Analytical Problem-Solving

Picture this: it’s 2037 and you are sending a select team of astronauts to the moon to develop a permanent outpost that’s being constructed to help support the growing demand for space tourism. But not everything goes according to plan. 

As part of Mission Control, teams are entrusted to select the best survival strategy for the astronauts, ranking the few items salvaged from the spacecraft wreckage based on their level of importance. 

We have taken those age-old survival scenarios to new heights - harnessing technology and adding in a few additional puzzles and surprises. As if attempting to survive a disaster wasn’t challenging enough, in a twist of fate, additional curveballs are thrown at the teams throughout the game causing them to think on their feet, adapt their strategy and re-rank items along the way.

This 1 hour exercise can be played in smaller teams of between 3-5 players. We have designed a series of survival and disaster scenarios: 

  1. Project Artemis: Lunar Outpost Disaster Scenario
  2. Bug Out: A Zombie Horde Doomsday Prepper Scenario
  3. Lost at Sea: A Sailing Adventure Gone Wrong
  4. Into the Wild: Surviving a Floatplane Crash in Northern Canada

Patent Pending | Great for Encouraging Cross-Department Collaboration

Patent Pending is a true test of teams’ creativity (and comedic) skills, as they take to a virtual main stage in a game show-style team building battle-royale. Here, participants are tasked with designing, innovating and pitching a gadget or gizmo that solves one of the many first-world conundrums in a bid to secure investment for a somewhat plausible - but by no means feasible company.   

Product pitches will be pitted against one another with everyone voting for the million-dollar idea they believe should prevail. Keep an eye out for those curveballs, however! Will your team be left pitching in a British Accent or have to re-work their entire pitch into a rap? Spin the game wheel for your fate before hitting the main stage.

This interactive and engaging 90-minute teambuilding activity, designed for teams of up to 50 is bound to leave everyone in fits of hysteria. Among the many tried and tested online games here are a few other virtual activities that have proven to be real crowd-pleasers.  

Hunts from Home | Company-Wide Scavenger Hunt

This versatile game can be as elaborate or simple as you want. From simply dropping a few clues for teams to surmise the youngest employee, employee with the most pets, and so on to posting a list of common (or not) items, teams may have access to around their homes. Winning teams are those with the most correct guesses or items gathered in the allotted time. 

Upgrade this experience to a more elaborate custom-designed “Hunt from Home” game that involves intricate puzzles that will have teams working together to develop creative responses to prompts by submitting photos, videos and solving riddles all while being judged and rated in real-time. 

A Virtual Escape Room | Classic Team-Building with a Twist

Interact with items in the room, gather clues and plead for hints just as you would in a real-life Escape Room. Bringing this well-loved teambuilding activity to Zoom, race against the clock with the help of visual aids and a narrator leading you through the story. Sleuthing through the detailed storyline and thought-provoking puzzles provides smaller teams with an entertaining escape from the monotony of the workday. 

Company Cook-Offs

While we are all doing more home cooking than usual these days, a company cook-off offers a great opportunity to not only go head to head with your colleagues in a little healthy competition, but also expand your recipe repertoire. Setting this up is simple.

Pinch a little inspiration from any one of the renowned cooking shows Chopped, Nailed It, Masterchef or even a wine tasting. Set up a date and time that works for the majority, send out the ingredient list and get to work whipping up and recreating dishes. Microwave lovers and budding pro chefs unite in this tasty team-building challenge. 

Virtual teambuilding activities can be a powerful tool to help remote workers feel just as tight-knit as onsite teams. If you are looking to treat your teams, get in touch with the Moniker Team for more information.