What do you need from me and when?

4 Business Days Prior
- Final number of participants (Small additions and cancellations after this deadline will still be accepted. Any late joiners resulting in the final team number growing will need to be approved by Moniker)
- Final participants list for randomizing teams (if applicable)
- Details on contests and prizing (if applicable)
3 Business Days Prior
- Completed teams list
- Final edits to drafted pregame email
2 Business Days Prior
- Moniker sends out pregame emails
24 Hours Prior
- Introduction to Game Master
- Final edits to participants list

Other Common FAQS

What happens if there are late joiners or cancellations that cause teams to fall short players?
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Late Joiners: We are able to accommodate a handful of new joiners up until the event start time. In this situation, our Facilitator Team will randomly assign these individuals to teams that require additional bodies and share any necessary game documents once they join the game / meeting link. In the event you expect a large number of late joiners, please inform the Moniker team ahead of time as this could affect our event staffing.

Cancellations:  Based on the final attendance, our Game Master will make the call if teams need to be rearranged or any short teams need to be dissolved. If this is to happen, we will make sure to re-share any necessary game documents or information with those individuals assigned to a new team.

When should the group join the game link?
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We highly recommend that participants join the game / meeting link at least 10 minutes prior to the games start time to allow for troubleshooting any technical difficulties. This is also a time to chat and "hang out" with the other participants before the game begins and everyone is separated into their breakout rooms.

During this time, our in-game Facilitator Team will be renaming all participants to help identify their pre-assigned teams, rearranging teams if needed, and assigning everyone into their breakout rooms. Once the countdown timer hits zero, the host will do a short intro and the game will begin!

What happens if a participant runs into issues JOINING the game?
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Below are some steps to walk the participant through in the case they are unable to join the ZOOM meeting.

1. Make sure the password is being entered using all uppercase letters (case sensitive)
2. Re-send the full meeting invite to the individual again (include both the link AND the Meeting ID & Password)
3. Re-Start ZOOM
4. Open ZOOM using an "incognito tab" within your web browser (right click on the tabs bar and select "incognito tab" or "incognito window")
5. Restart your computer
6. Download the ZOOM app to your computer and create a ZOOM account (if not already done)

What happens if a participant runs into issues DURING the game?
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Our in-game Facilitator Team is available throughout the event to help answer any logistical questions and troubleshoot technical difficulties any participant may have. In the event a Facilitator is not present in a breakout room, individuals can always push the "ask for help" button at the bottom of their screen or re-join the main meeting link / lobby to speak with our Game Master.

Do you really need the participants' emails?
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48 hours prior to the event, Moniker will be sending each team / participant a pregame email to the provided email addresses. Within these emails, we will share their team specific details, any team documents, date & time reminders, and simple how-to's. This communication will come from info@monikerpartners.com and we recommend informing the group to expect this email in case they end up forwarding as junk mail.

We also use these emails to assist in identifying those individuals who may join the meeting using a nickname or alternative name.

How does the costume contest work?
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Throughout the event, our Facilitators and Actors (mystery shows) will narrow down the most impressive outfits. Once the game has concluded and everyone has returned to the main meeting / lobby, we will put these individuals head-to-head in a live vote where the rest of the participants will decide the winner(s) of the "Best Dressed" contest.

Can someone from our team say a few words at the beginning / end?
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Yes! Please let Moniker know who will be speaking and if you prefer they speak prior to our game introduction, or after the game has concluded and any winners have been announced. The Game Host will be more than happy to "pass the mic" to this individual.

Are we able to use the meeting link before or after the game?
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If you would like to join the meeting link early or stay on the call after the game has finished, please make the request with Moniker and we will try our best to accommodate this for the group.

Do You Still Have Questions?

We have support available for you before, during, and after your experience. Please reach out to our operations team today!
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