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A 3D Virtual Island Designed for Small Groups!

Play together with friends or colleagues in a revolutionary new 3D Virtual Platform

Escape from Mibo Island is an online escape room, suitable for all levels of puzzle-lovers, from those new to online escape rooms, to more advanced players who just want some easygoing fun. Play with your friends, colleagues or family in this immersive 3D Virtual Island!

As part of a team, you move around Mibo Island freely solving puzzles in cooperation with your friends. Your avatar is a colourful robot with your face and voice integrated using spacial sensory effects (if you move away from someone, they'll be less able to hear you!). Mibo Island is designed for teams of 4 and challenging enough to last between 45-60 minutes depending on your puzzle solving skills!

  • Feel like you're really with your team

    Move around Mibo Island freely, your webcam and microphone are directly linked in to your Robot avatar. If you move away from someone, they'll be less able to hear you. It's a fun twist on the usual "Zoom Call" and feels remarkably like being in the same room.

  • Start whenever!

    No need to book a specific time slot. You can start the game whenever suits you. After booking your team you will receive an e-mail and personalized link to access your game. Share it with your team and open it simultaneously once you’re all ready.  After you’ve finished the game, feel free to hang around the island for a while to chat and explore!


    Have your entire company participate, with a cross-department competition happening online. Who will solve the game first? Will the Marketing Department's creativity give them the edge? Or will the Engineering Team ingenuity and problem solving talents win out?
    Enquire by e-mail below for more details on how Tournament Style is different to our regular version!

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Feedback From Our Participants

5 Stars

Honestly that was awesome. Such an amazing concept. I had a great time.

Jeremy L.
5 Stars

It was so wonderful to have a joint moment to be playful, creative and adventurous together. I can only recommend the experience!

Alex S.
5 Stars

I’d very highly recommend Mibo Island to any and every escape room and immersive theater enthusiast. Early adopters, pay attention – this is the future

Michele A.
5 Stars

They put it together so well and it was cool to connect with colleagues from all over the world - I would definitely recommend!

Joanne M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play?
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💻 Each player needs their own computer with the following:
🌍 Chrome browser
⚡️ Stable internet with both a webcam & headphones
If in doubt, run this little diagnostics check

🚨 Caution:
• Mibo does not work with smartphones or tablets
• The game is also not playable with fewer than 4 players
• VPNs must be disconnected to access the island

🎫 Ticket

After completing your purchase below, you’ll receive a unique link from someone on your team which your entire team will use to enter the escape room.The link remains valid indefinitely until you finish the game and expires within 24 hours afterwards. You can start playing as soon as you receive your link (but no cheating!)

🏠 Play from separate rooms
We created this game to make people who haven't seen each other in a while feel like they are together again. If you're playing with people in the same house though, the game works much better if you're not in the same room. You'll find out why :)

If I have more than 5 people, what is this 'Tournament Style' option this is available?
Orange Arrow

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you with more details on our Tournament Style designed for groups of up to 25, or multiple groups of 25 for even larger groups. In this version, we host a "Lobby" in one of our many custom-designed worlds (a Tropical Island, Campfire, Winter Wonderland, etc.) which you meet with the rest of your group and hang out with prior to the game. Once the timer begins, the teams split off and see which team can get through quickest, before everyone meets back in the lobby world to trash talk the competition!

How long is the experience?
Orange Arrow

Times differ, but 1 hour is a good estimate in most cases, with some especially clever teams escaping in as little as 30-45 minutes. The virtual world is open until you finish the game, so you've got plenty of time. You're also very welcome to stick around in the Mibo world for a chat after the game.

What's it like?
Orange Arrow

In the game, you are a Robot moving around in a virtual 3D environment. You and your teammates are colourful robots with a screen displaying your webcam as your head, and relaying your microphone's audio as your voice. Your voices can only be heard when you get in hearing distance of each other in the game. For many players, it really feels like you're together in the same room!

How 'puzzley' is it?
Orange Arrow

We made our game very light on puzzles to make it as accessible as puzzleble. We're experienced escape room designers ourselves, so we had to restrain ourselves quite a bit ;)

For escape room fans, we think the game is most fun when you either:
• Expect just a light, fun adventure with friends, or..
• Attempt to break the records.

Can I play with 5 people?
Orange Arrow

You can, but the game is designed for teams of 4 people and ideal for that team size.

Each player needs to log in from a separate device, preferably from separate rooms to prevent echo.
🚨The game is not playable by 3 players or less.

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Escape From Mibo Island - Single Team
$ 100.00 USD

Only one purchase needed per group of up to 5 players. This experience is one-time use only. You will receive a confirmation email within a few hours with details about how to start your adventure!

Escape From Mibo Island - Tournament Style (2-6 Teams)
Inquire for Pricing

Host a game of up to 6 teams of 5 players each! This experience is live hosted and your team will have time to socialize before and after the game.

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