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We've created custom-built games and team-building exercises that can be played anywhere in the world. With the aim of bringing your remote teams together and solidifying bonds amongst one another. Because even though your teams may be apart right now, that doesn't mean that you can't ensure your team culture remains strong.

Now - more than ever - it's important to help people feel connected, and give them a sense of community. And we're confident we've been able to do just that.

How it Works

These activities have been developed and tested to be as engaging as possible and seamlessly delivered in a virtual environment.

You can select between a variety of activities that will showcase the strengths of everyone in your organization. Once you've decided on the activity, we will customize the product and execution for your team's size and culture.

Select a launch date and time for the activity, and we'll handle the rest! 

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Our Most Popular Remote Team-Building Activities


A Virtual Office Holiday Party | A Very Merry Mystery

Limited Engagement! Only 24 Shows Available

40-120 Participants| Teams of 8-10

2 Hours

In this holiday-themed virtual "Whodunnit" with 8 Live Actors playing eclectic employees at a Toy Company, participants are tasked with getting to the bottom of what happened after their Office Holiday Party ends in disaster.

The group is split into smaller teams of 8-10 and tasked with interrogating the possible culprits in real-time; cross-examining the cast of characters and their alibis over 3 rounds of live interaction, before submitting their best guess for both the Culprit and the Motive. Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found responsible? Only you can help solve this Very Merry Mystery!

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A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Love in the First Degree | A Virtual Murder Mystery

40-120 Participants| Teams of 8-10

2 Hours

Jesse Walsh had an idyllic life in 1987, set to marry the love of his life - Samantha. But seconds after toasting to their love during their reception, he took a sip of his whisky, and collapsed to the floor...dead. 8 guests from the wedding were taken in for questioning, with hopes of rooting out the murderer before the police arrive. 8 Live actors, 1 murder, in 1 virtual mansion.

In this 1980's-themed fully remote Murder Mystery, teams are split into smaller breakout 'tables' of 8-10 and tasked with interrogating the suspects in real-time;  Cross-examining their alibis before ultimately submitting their best guess for both the Murderer and the Motive. Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

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Project Artemis | Disaster & Survival Exercise

30-150 Participants| Teams of 3-5

1 Hour

A modern twist to classic team-building exercises, teams are given a scenario in which they must work together to decide the best strategy for survival. Coming to a consensus in ranking the items they'll need while adapting to curveballs presented to them as the scenario progresses.

Using actors in professionally produced cut-scenes, polished visuals, and a rich back story - these elements combine to create an immersive experience for participants in our our flagship scenario inspired by an Apollo Program Astronaut training exercise, and updated to the year 2037.

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Patent Pending | A Pitch-It Competition

30-150 Participants| Teams of 3-5

1.5 Hours

Creativity meets comedy in this Pitch-themed competition, pitting teams against each other in a battle-royale style challenge to ultimately crown the team most worthy of securing funding for their product or idea as voted on by their peers.

Using a mix of crowd-sourced prompts and our own list of proven gems, teams are tasked to create a 3-5 minute pitch within a mad-libs inspired mashup, creating a product that solves a specific target market's problem or need. Will your pitch include a catchy jingle or rap, delivered in song? Do whatever it takes to win - but beware a few curveballs thrown in to keep people on their toes and add to the hilarity!

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Scavenger Hunt at Company Retreat

Company Trivia

Recommended Number of Participants: 20 - 120 | teams of 3 - 8
1 hour

How well do your colleagues know the company they work for, and the people they work with daily? Put everyone to the test in a lively custom-built trivia game themed after either Jeopardy or Family Feud. Prior to the event, all participants are sent a survey sourcing everything from fun facts and trivia to baby photos, providing fodder for the ensuing fun.

Responses are compiled and used to create questions that will have team members guessing and scratching their heads in the ultimate company trivia.   

The Omega Protocol | A 3D Virtual Escape Room

30-150 Participants | Teams of 4-5

1.5 Hours

The Omega Protocol is a 3D Virtual Escape Room, centred around the premise of a mysterious group of rogue scientists whose aim is to reduce the earths population to 5 Billion, and are willing to do anything to achieve their objectives - no matter how radical it might seem.

As part of a team, you must race through a series of puzzles spread over 3 unique levels, in your quest to uncover their plan and stop the virus from spreading before time runs out!

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Custom Escape Room

Space Crime Continuum | A Virtual Murder Mystery

40-120 Participants | Teams of  6-8

2 Hours

A long time into the future, in a galaxy actually pretty close by… the Starship Winston has mysteriously lost all communications with Earth on day 752 of their 3 year mission. Strangely, twelve days later the ship's communications suddenly return, however, with disturbing news. The ship's commander, Julia Moss, has gone missing and is presumed dead.

In this comedic and futuristic space-themed virtual Murder Mystery, teams are split into smaller breakout 'Task Forces' of 6-8 and must interrogate the suspects played by 6 live actors;  Cross-examining their alibis before finally submitting their best guess for both the Murderer and the Motive. Can you help solve this intergalactic mystery or will the mission result in a worldwide scandal?

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Hear What Our Clients Say About Our
Remote Team-Building Games!


Loved It.

Loved it. This was honestly better and more fun than both of the escape the room/mystery type things I've done at in person retreats.

Megan M.

From the Comfort of Home

My favourite aspect of the experience was enjoying it from the comfort of my own home, with drinks and snacks, yet it still felt like being engaged with a group in-person.

- Anonymous

Let's Do It Again

This version of a murder mystery game with a time theme was actually really fun and it was mostly because of the super into it actors. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Let's do it again.

Mada K.

Really Impressive

The entire thing was very fun and engaging. It was also really well managed as far as with security to give reminders, the actors during interrogation. The whole thing was impressive for being virtual with ~90 people.

- Anonymous

This was Awesome

This was awesome. I have participated in a bunch of team building activities and I have never looked forward to them. This was engaging, fun and at times, even stressful (in a good way)! Thank you for an awesome afternoon

- Bianca
The canadian nuclear commission

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