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6 Live Actors. 1 Virtual Space Ship. 1 Mission Gone Terribly Wrong.

A long time into the future, in a galaxy actually not that far away… the Starship Winston mysteriously loses all communications with Earth midway through their 3 year mission. Strangely, twelve days later, the ship's communications suddenly return, however, with disturbing news. The ship's commander, Julia Moss, has gone missing and is presumed dead.

It is up to you, as members of the Task Force commissioned to solve this mystery, to question the remaining crew members of the Starship Winston and figure out what went wrong, and quickly. Over the course of this 90-minute comedic Virtual Murder Mystery, teams are split into smaller breakout 'tables' of 6-8 and tasked with interrogating the suspects in real-time; Cross-examining their alibis over 3 rounds of live interaction before ultimately submitting their best guess for both the Murderer and the Motive.

Can you help solve this intergalactic mystery, or will the mission result in a worldwide scandal?


    Six crew mates from the Starship Winston have been sequestered for questioning around the ship, all with their own ties to the victim. Over the course of 3 rounds, teams will interrogate and cross-examine them to determine who's alibi holds true, and who is hiding a fatal secret!


    A completely 'built-for-Zoom' murder mystery that is unlike any online team-building event you've ever been a part of before. Dive in to this world set in space and interact with both your team and the murder suspects as you get to the root of the mystery!

Feedback From Our Participants

5 Stars

THE BEST virtual experience for a large corporate group. Planning the event was easy, the game itself is very well ran, the improv actors are hilarious.

Kori A.
5 Stars

Excellent and well-thought out game. Despite being virtual, was still exceptionally engaging!

Michele A.
5 Stars

They put it together so well and it was cool to connect with colleagues from all over the world.

Joanne M.
5 Stars

Honestly that was awesome. Such an amazing concept. I had a great time.

Jeremy L.
5 Stars

Abandon Ship! A Pirate's Escape is fantastic virtual team building experience for our remote working office team!

Alex S.
5 Stars

We got to do this for a work celebration and it was so much fun! My face hurt from smiling/laughing for so many hours straight!! Really well run and well done!

Isha V.
5 Stars

This team did an absolutely incredible job! From the first moment I was completely sucked into the plot and the experience. So great!

Haley C.
5 Stars

Best virtual experience yet to date! I did this with my MBA class of 100+ and it was a blast and a half! Lots of laughs, the cast did a phenomenal job.

Jessica C.
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