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A Futuristic Escape Room

An Interactive VR Experience That Will Test Your Communication, Problem-Solving, and Deductive Reasoning Skills

In this 90-minute twist on a traditional escape room legal thriller, the heir to a media empire stands accused of arson and fraud, facing a life-sentence in prison if he is found guilty.
Participants are put in the role of a 6-person Jury overseeing the trial, tasked with reviewing multiple forms of evidence including audio and video testimony, fingerprint analysis, CCTV footage, and more, as you deliberate with your fellow jurors whether to declare the accused guilty or acquit them of their crimes.

Combining live actors with a 3D virtual reality interface set in the year 2030, you will need to work with your fellow jurors to assess the evidence and cross-examine both the defendant and lead prosecutor live as you race against time to deliver your final verdict before the trial ends.

What will be your final verdict?


    A completely custom designed dashboard built in the Unity™ Gaming Engine Platform, with stunning visuals and effects to put you in a sci-fi inspired interface

  • 90 minutes of HIGH-IMPACT teambuilding

    Put your logic and reasoning skills to the test as you work through tons of evidence and exhibits, deliberate with your fellow jurors, and ultimately try to reach a consensus verdict or declare yourselves a hung jury!

  • Live actors role-playing experience

    Every "Trial" showcases 2 live actors playing the role of the Lead Prosecutor & Defendant involved in the case. You will have the opportunity to summon and question the characters in their quest to uncover the truth!

Feedback From Past Participants

5 Stars

It was a great experience and it exceeded my expectations!! Loads of fun and a great team building exercise!!!

Sharlene P.
5 Stars

Amazing! Easily the most fun I've had since COVID.

Paul C.
5 Stars

Was a little skeptical...had a great time! It was almost like we were all together.

Alison A.
5 Stars

Thank you so much for this experience! In my view, this is the most organized, professional, and entertaining interactive virtual game.

Audrey W.
5 Stars

Thanks for putting such an excellent experience together!! Lots of fun :)

Sarah T.
5 Stars

It was flawless and a really great way to connect with colleagues who we haven’t seen in a whole year.

Diana O.
5 Stars

It was such a fun, interactive and exciting experience. Very well planned, organized and put together. The entire evening went very smoothly.

Charlotte G.
5 Stars

This was an amazing event and very well organized. I have already recommended it to other companies. Thank-you again for creating and hosting.

Mike B.
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