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An Engaging Survival Scenario Featuring A Riveting Storyline & Immersive 3D Interface

This small-teams workshop tests groups' decision-making and communication skills in a sailing trip gone wrong scenario

On a beautiful summer day, a group of friends decides to go sailing off of the coast of the idyllic Pacific North-West when a storm unexpectedly rolls in and wreaks havoc. The mast breaks, and your boat starts to take on water - fast. With limited supplies and time, can you work together to navigate a series of curveball events and figure out as a team how to survive enough time for the Coast Guard to save you?

  • immersive backstory & visuals

    A fully hosted experience, inspired by a classic team building scenario with a twist. Every game features live facilitators to add excitement to the experience

  • 45 minutes of high impact teambuilding

    A  'built-for-Zoom' experience designed for small teams of 3-5 people, to encourage a more intimate forum for building communication and negotiation skills

  • FULLY 3d experience

    A 3D rendered environment built using the latest technology puts you and your teammates in a first-person perspective, allowing you to explore the boat and discover salvaged items as you race against time to survive while navigating audio and visual curveballs along the way

Feedback From Our Participants

5 Stars

honestly that was awesome. such an amazing concept. I had a great time.

Jeremy L.
5 Stars

I enjoyed he theme and the ongoing updates encourage us to rethink our decision.

Susan H.
5 Stars

The details of the story and the extreme professionalism the game hosts and the game itself showcased. I loved every minute of this event. Thank you :-)

Marco C,
5 Stars

It was the perfect duration and super fun!

Amanda R.
5 Stars

The highlight was being able to enjoy the experience from the comfort of my own home, with drinks, snacks and notepaper, yet it still felt like being engaged with a group.

5 Stars

Very creative idea. I really enjoyed participating.

Bailey A.
5 Stars

I thought this game was FANTASTIC! I thought it could have been even longer.

Stephanie N.
5 Stars

I absolutely LOVED this experience! I'd love to do it with all my friends and family! So much fun!! Well done.

Pam C.
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