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Not Your Average Zoom Meeting

8 Live Actors. 1 Virtual Mansion. 1 Wedding Gone Horribly Wrong.

In this 1980's-themed fully virtual Murder Mystery, teams are split into smaller breakout 'tables' of 8-10 and tasked with interrogating suspects in real-time;  Cross-examining suspects and their alibis over 3 rounds of live interaction before ultimately submitting their best guess for both the Murderer and the Motive.

Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

  • 8 live actors

    Eight guests of the wedding have been sequestered for questioning, all with their own ties to the victim. Over the course of 3 rounds, teams will interrogate and cross-examine them to determine who's alibi holds true, and who holds a fatal secret!

  • Over 1 Hour of Scripted Content

    A completely 'built-for-Zoom' murder mystery that is unlike any online teambuilding event you've ever been a part. Dive in to this world set in 1987 and interact with both your team and the murder suspects.

  • up to 120 Participants at a Time

    Have your entire company participate, with cross-department collaboration happening on-line. We can accommodate up to 120 people per 2-hour experience, with teams of 8-10, or split up for larger groups!

Feedback From Our Participants

5 Stars

I really enjoyed being able to work with other people in my group. It was such a unique and creative concept, and the professionalism and talent of the actors was amazing!

5 Stars

Honestly felt to me like the best I could have imagined something like this being done. The actors were great, the difficulty felt like it was pitched just right (most teams got it, but not 100%). Awesome job.

Alex S.
5 Stars

Loved it. This was honestly better and more fun than both of the escape the room/mystery type things I've done at in-person retreats.

Megan M.
5 Stars

Honestly I had an absolute blast! Everyone in my apartment who could overhear it were so jealous and haven’t stopped asking if there will be another one soon!

Nicole G.
5 Stars

The highlight was being able to enjoy the experience from the comfort of my own home, with drinks, snacks and notepaper, yet it still felt like being engaged with a group.

5 Stars

I enjoyed the entire thing... The dressing up, seeing other teams, the actors, the overall vibe... and it was fascinating to see everyone on the team play to their strengths.

Bailey A.
5 Stars

Great job, it was really well done. When I did encounter difficulty with zoom, I felt staff were super supportive & helpful. Thank you!!

Stephanie N.
5 Stars

I absolutely LOVED this experience! I'd love to do it with all my friends and family! So much fun!! Well done.

Pam C.
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Still Have Questions About Our Online Murder Mysteries?

How can I book an Online Murder Mystery?
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If you'd like to set up a walk-through of the options or demo of the experience, reach out us via our Contact Form below let us know. If you know which experience you want to do and are ready to book, e-mail us with your preferred date, time, and number of participants and we will get back to you within 24 hours with confirmation!

Will I need to dress up and act as a character?
Orange Arrow

No! We have a team of professional improv actors who will be the characters. You and your team will be tasked with interrogating them to find out who the true culprit is. However we do encourage attendees to dress up in-theme to immerse themselves in the experiences as well as score them bonus points during the game!

Do you have a minimum number of participants?
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Yes. Due to using live hosts, facilitators, and in some cases live actors, we do enforce a minimum group size of 40 to justify the cost inputs to operate our experiences. Should you have a smaller group but are willing to cover the minimum, we would be happy to host you!

What platforms do you operate on?
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We have built all of our experiences from the ground up using Zoom as our platform. We can accommodate up to 120 people for our murder mysteries, and are often able to run multiple events simultaneously for larger groups. At this time, we are unable to offer our experiences on Google Meet, WebEx or Microsoft Teams due to the limited functionality they provide for our games.

What are your operating hours?
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Our team is located on the east coast of North America, and can accommodate groups from all time-zones between the hours of 9am - 10pm EST (regardless of where you are located). We can offer games on weekends on a case-by-case basis - please reach out to us if you would like to enquire!

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