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Create a Product. Pitch it to your Colleagues.

Creativity meets Comedy in this pitch-style competition to win the audience's hearts (and votes) to fund your idea.

'Q-Cuts', A drone service that delivers haircuts in quarantine. 'Sweat-Pet', a terrycloth crop-top for your dog that you can wipe your hands on. 'I-Drunk' a beer cozy that hold and charges your AirPods so you'll never lose them while day-drinking again.

Will your pitch be a polished jingle or song, delivered by committee? Or perhaps a photoshopped prototype mockup?
Do whatever it takes to win - but beware a few curveballs thrown in to keep people on their toes and add to the hilarity!


    A fully hosted experience, inspired by late night game show productions with live facilitators for each event to add excitement to the experience


    Crowd-sourced prompts tailor the content to your team's culture and industry. We manage the surveys and registration to ensure your company's inside jokes and memes are incorporated into the game!

  • up to 120 Participants at a Time

    Have your entire company participate, with cross-department collaboration happening online. Will the Sales & Marketing department triumph with their smooth pitch? Or will the Engineering Team win out with their ingenuity and product design?

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Feedback From Our Participants

5 Stars

honestly that was awesome. such an amazing concept. I had a great time.

Jeremy L.
5 Stars

Really really good show from the Moniker team - Patent Pending is an engaging, quick, and hilariously challenging idea that will surely serve as an excellent team building tool for many of their clients.

Alex S.
5 Stars

Great creative challenge; prompts were extremely helpful (without this I know I would have struggled to come up with something).

Megan M.
5 Stars

Awesome night! Way to pivot fun corporate/group experiences to the online world. Super impressed and hope to be a part of it again!

Nicole G.
5 Stars

The highlight was being able to enjoy the experience from the comfort of my own home, with drinks, snacks and notepaper, yet it still felt like being engaged with a group.

5 Stars

Very creative idea. I really enjoyed participating.

Bailey A.
5 Stars

I thought this game was FANTASTIC! I thought it could have been even longer.

Stephanie N.
5 Stars

I absolutely LOVED this experience! I'd love to do it with all my friends and family! So much fun!! Well done.

Pam C.

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