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A Lunar Outpost Disaster Scenario

A Small-Teams Workshop Testing Communication & Compromise After a Moon Landing Gone Wrong

The year is 2037, and space tourism has reached a Golden Age. You have been asked to join a small crew on a routine mission to a lunar outpost. On descent to the Moon's surface, your landing module experiences a malfunction and lands 40km off course. You, along with your team, must race against the clock to figure out the best course of action to survive by ranking salvaged items from your ship to ensure your rescue and a safe trip home.

  • Immersive backstory & Visuals

    A deep backstory, enhanced with a rich layer of graphics, visuals, and storyline acting to immerse participants in the experience

  • 45 minutes of HIGH-IMPACT teambuilding

    A  'built-for-Zoom' experience designed for small teams of 3-5 people, to encourage a more intimate forum for building communication and negotiation skills

  • TAILORED TO YOUR company

    Let us adapt the plot and storyline to suit your company's product or service - a mission to the moon inspired by your own company's theme!

Feedback From Past Participants

5 Stars

Great job team! really creative idea and you were great at trouble-shooting problems and clarifying for anyone who didn't understand the technology too well

5 Stars

The experience was awesome and very engaging! I really enjoyed the time to bond with my team

Catalina M.
5 Stars

This was super fun! This was my first remote activity and to be honest, my expectations were low. I found it to be engaging and a great way to bond with colleagues.

Ashley N.
5 Stars

It was an amazing and perfectly organized, smooth event! It exceeded my expectations by a huge margin and I had a lot of fun!

Mark A.
5 Stars

The highlight was being able to enjoy the experience from the comfort of my own home, with drinks, snacks and notepaper, yet it still felt like being engaged with a group.

5 Stars

I enjoyed the entire thing... the overall vibe... and it was fascinating to see everyone on the team play to their strengths.

Bailey A.
5 Stars

Great job, it was really well done. When I did encounter difficulty with zoom, I felt staff were super supportive & helpful. Thank you!!

Stephanie N.
5 Stars

I absolutely LOVED this experience! I'd love to do it with all my friends and family! So much fun!! Well done.

Pam C.
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