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Meet Moniker.

We are a corporate trip planning agency, focused on helping companies put together imaginative trips, retreats, and offsites around the world.

Our mission? To create and operate unforgettable experiences and memories for our clients and their teams in a fun, transparent, and collaborative way. And we’re bloody good at it too.

Our Story

Moniker’s roots began in the corporate world, where our “Eureka!” moment of what inspires people to love their workplace and click with their colleagues led us to quit our jobs and trade in our cubicles for carry-ons.

The goal was simple. Focus on creating bucket-list worthy retreats for other companies around the world, helping them brainstorm in inspiring places, celebrate achievements, or spend some time kicking back and bonding in incredible settings and locations.

So far, so good.


We have an amazing staff of curious & creative travel professionals dedicated to every program, leaving no stone unturned in the dogged pursuit of ensuring each day (and night) is chock-full of incredible moments and memories worth tweeting home about.

Our promise is world-class service every step of the way, with a well-structured and thoughtful approach to planning. Everything is transparent so you know what you’re paying for and what it will cost, meaning no surprises (except the ones we plan).

Some Clients And What They Say

“The trip literally brings the group together. Most importantly people are connected, which helps make it clear what we want to accomplish as a company.”

Keith Valory

CEO, Plex Inc.

“Everything was flawlessly planned from beginning to end. Can’t thank you guys enough for the help and creativity you brought to the Uber Canada Winter Retreat!”

Puneet Birgi

Office Manager, Uber

“It was an incredibly well organized trip – from memorable adventures to great restaurants and lively bars – my god was it fun. Thanks for all your hard work and helping us spoil our clients, ultimately continuing to be a best-in-class company”

Allison Marsales

Director of Leasing, Dream Office Management

How it

We take care of all the bigger details (hotels, flights, meeting space, etc.) and then organize the most important pieces like how to bring everyone together, create the right ambiance, and anything else that adds personality in crafting the perfect environment for your team to flourish.

Our staff then work tirelessly on-site to ensure everything runs flawlessly, allowing everyone to just enjoy themselves knowing everything behind the scenes is taken care of. Think of us as your butler, concierge, and Bat Phone all rolled into one – except instead of Alfred, call us Moniker.

What we use

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Meet the Crew

A perfect blend of savvy travel professionals with some serious planning chops; Big enough to sink our teeth into major projects, but still boutique enough to obsess over the little ones, too. The only thing we take seriously is our work.

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