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What are Corporate Retreats?

Corporate retreats are an excellent opportunity for companies to reconnect, brainstorm, celebrate achievements, or kick back and bond in inspiring destinations around the globe. A company retreat is also an opportunity for the team members to come together, away from the office and their typical responsibilities, and might include learning experiences, team-building activities, downtime for informal socializing, or collaborative work  - all key to building stronger cultures and more engaged employees.

Companies that invest in retreats have been proven to consistently outperform their peers. With a thoughtfully crafted agenda and experiences that strengthen camaraderie and foster creativity, retreats have been proven to drive a number of tangible and intangible benefits, including higher employee engagement, stronger alignment with the company's mission, and happier teams

corporate retreat activities

Some of Our Top Retreat Locations

For over a decade, we have planned 300+ company retreats and brought over 10,000 people together, in incredible destinations around the world.

corporate retreat activities

Planning the Activities and Experiences for Your Company Retreat

Activities during your company retreat should seamlessly integrate work & leisure aspects while intensifying bonding between team members.

There are tons of non-cheesy retreat activities to bring your group together. Leave corporate trust falls back in the 90s. Here are a few better ideas your group can utilize depending on where you go.

Want more information? Check out one of our most popular blog posts 'Corporate Staff Games for Teambuilding'

Our Favourite Teambuilding Retreat Activities

Retreat Activity Time

A great way to get teams chatting with one another is to get busy! This doesn’t necessarily have to be something like musical chairs (yawn!), but can instead be a fun activity away from the office, like escape rooms or axe throwing.

Giving your employees a chance to get out of a typical work environment allows them the space to connect with one another on a more casual level. We always suggest cooking classes to our clients because it allows for people to taste the local cuisine and is an activity that almost everyone enjoys (either the preparing or eating part!)

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teambuilding activity at a company retreat

Scavenger Hunts

Picture this: Your employees are divided into small teams and dropped off in the city centre of Lisbon, with nothing but an iPad in-hand and competitive spirit in their hearts. Teams race through the city - taking quirky (read: ridiculous) selfies in front of monuments, completing culturally-specific challenges (tile painting, anyone?), and interacting with locals with the hopes of accumulating enough points to be crowned the victors.Everyone knows the premise of a scavenger hunt, and they are a fantastic way to facilitate team building.

Perhaps a little less well-known, is how much more an activity of this nature can do beyond fostering a little competitive spirit. If you take a closer look at how corporate scavenger hunts are designed, their intrinsic value begins to come forward: competitiveness, setting and achieving goals, task management and completion, authority delegation, problem solving, and more!

Teammate Trivia

As a remote team ourselves, we have a tendency to get competitive (truly competitive). One of our favourite retreat activities is to play teammate trivia. Before you head out on your corporate retreat, have your team answer different questions about themselves. It could be as simple as “what is your dog’s name?”, or as specific as “what was your nickname as a child?”.

Allocate a trivia master in advance, and split your team up into groups of 4. Have everyone equipped with sheets and a pen/pencil, and go! Your team will have a chance to answer fun questions, while learning about their coworkers.


Get a Complimentary Proposal

Stressed about planning a retreat with no extra time? Why don't you let us do some of the heavy-lifting first, and put together a complimentary proposal that will provide you with ideal locations, activities and costs for your upcoming offsite.

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Retreat agendas & itineraries

Sample Agenda for a Corporate Retreat

Explore a Sample 5-Day Corporate Retreat Agenda: Discover a custom retreat itinerary tailored by experts to optimize collaboration, and rejuvenation. From dynamic team-building exercises and workshops to team dinners and karaoke, unlock the blueprint for a transformative corporate retreat experience.

Looking for more information? Check out our blog post of 5 Easy & Ready to Use Retreat Schedule Templates

Retreat days
All Day

Scattered Arrivals

Teammates with flying time over 6-hours will arrive on Sunday

6pm - 9pm

Welcome Reception & Dinner

We’ll be hosting a welcome reception and dinner for all teammates to meet each other and get settled! Dinner will be served at this event, so come hungry!

9Pm - Late

Leisure Time

Time to rest and relax at the resort before tomorrow!

9AM - 11AM

Team Breakfast & All-Hands | Breakfast Room

We’ll be hosting an in-person All Hands to learn and connect together as a group. Breakfast will be served at this event.

After this event, groups will break off into optional scavenger hunts based on the color of your nametag!

11AM - 1PM

Team Activity

Please join us in the lobby for a fun all-team scavenger hunt! Please wear running shoes.

2Pm - 6PM

Leisure & Optional Activities

Leisure time or partake in your selected optional activity!

6PM - 8PM

Team Dine-Arounds

Small team dine-arounds on-property. Reservations are recommended.

7AM - 9AM

Breakfast at Leisure | Hotel

Breakfast will be available at leisure until 9:00AM at the hotel.

9AM - 6PM

Full-Team & Departamental Meetings

We will Slack everyone their respective meeting rooms.

6PM - 8PM

Group Dinner

We’re having a celebration dinner with team awards! Dinner will be buffet style, so come hungry.

8PM - Late

Team Karoke

Unleash your inner rockstar with your favourite karaoke song! (Optional Event)

7AM - 9AM

Breakfast at Leisure | Hotel

Breakfast will be available at leisure until 9:00AM at the hotel.

9AM - 6PM

Leisure & Optional Activities

Leisure time or partake in your selected optional activity!

6PM - 8PM

Final Team Dinner

It's our last day together and we want to celebrate!


Final After Party

We'll be hosting a 'Glow in the Dark' party, so come with a white t-shirt and get ready to have fun!

7AM - 9AM

Breakfast at Leisure | Hotel

Breakfast will be available at leisure until 9:00AM at the hotel.


Scattered Departures

Please reference the departure shuttle page and bring your luggage down to the lobby 15 minutes prior to your departure time. Safe travels!

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Corporate Retreat FAQ

What is a corporate retreat?
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A corporate retreat can be perceived as so much more than just ‘a vacation’. It stands as a work event where employees step away from their day-to-day work to gather, regroup, connect, and consider larger issues facing the business.

Deviating from the daunting prospect of extensive PowerPoints during quarterly planning sessions at your office building; think about reflecting upon those objectives during a hike in breathtaking landscapes or while practicing mindfulness on a warm, sunny beach.

Corporate retreats are typically organized focusing on specific goals like recalibration of business strategies or igniting inspiration within the workforce regarding new projects. And we can’t overlook the far-reaching impact such events have in fostering staff morale and reinforcing distinct company culture attributes among the team members.

So next time if someone associates 'corporate retreat' merely with luxurious outings – remember it ensures that 'work' is a place your employees want to be and underscores your business'  overarching purpose or mission.

How much do companies typically budget for their retreats?
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We realize this is a wishy-washy answer, but the reality is that properly budgeting for a corporate retreat will vary dramatically depending on several factors such as destination, where your team is traveling from, size of the team, activities planned, and accommodation type.

A general guideline however is to expect $750/pp per day for domestic retreats, or $1,000/pp per day for international retreats; with all expenses included within that number (flights, accommodations, meals & entertainment, fees, etc.). Take a look at our budgeting cheat sheet to learn more.

How long should a corporate retreat last?
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Generally, best practices for the length of retreats tend to fall between 3-5 nights, including travel days. We typically don’t recommend only 2 nights, as the first day is usually lost to travel time and people arriving throughout the day, leaving little time to allocate towards ‘content’ outside of a late evening Welcome Reception & Dinner. That leaves only 1 day for meetings, activities, or team building, which is a poor ROI on the investment of flying everyone to a destination!

Ideally, you want to have 2 or 3 full days with everyone together, and keep in mind that on departure days, it’s hard to plan for much outside of breakfast, as people will have scattered departures throughout the day, and you wouldn’t want to program something only to have a bunch of people miss it due to an early flight! Hence why 3-5 nights is ideal.We’ve put together a blog post on how to create the perfect offsite agenda for your team, including a few sample templates to suit whatever your goals and objectives are!

What is the purpose or benefit of hosting corporate retreats?
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Retreats serve as an opportunity for companies to allocate dedicated time and space for teams to break free from the everyday routine, and spend some time focusing on celebrating milestones or achievements, brainstorming new ideas, or just kicking back with each other and bonding somewhere new and exciting.

These types of getaways are also great occasions for sharing a new bold vision or strategy, fostering deeper relationships among colleagues and/or boosting engagement among employees through team-building activities, or just letting folks enjoy some time together in an inspiring destination, after a successful year!

How do you choose the destination or hotel for your company retreat?
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That is a somewhat complicated question, and it involves considering various factors like; where everyone is coming from, ease and cost of transportation to the destinations under consideration, what ‘style’ of retreat you are looking for (e.g. Sun & Sand or urban city center?), and budget obviously.

The best approach to figuring out where your retreat should take place is to start by sitting down and making a checklist of all the important factors in your ‘ideal’ destination. From there, check out our retreat location page to find some inspiration, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want some guidance!

What is the best approach to planning a remote company retreat?
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Planning a retreat can seem like an overwhelming task, but don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Start by setting clear objectives for the retreat; is this to get your team together for work/meetings? Or more to celebrate a recent milestone or achievement? This will influence both the agenda and destination choice for your retreat. Next, determine the length of retreat you would like, and a rough agenda to serve as the framework for what your days will look like. From there, you’ll want to figure out a few locations or destinations you’d like to consider, to compare ease of travel and costs.

After you’ve narrowed down the destination and length, it’s time to choose the host accommodations. Hotel? Villa? Or a Beachfront resort? After that, you’ll want to focus on filling out the day-to-day itinerary with content that align with your goals — this can range from professional development workshops and guest speakers to leisure and team-bonding opportunities. If you’re looking for more guidance, take a look at our ‘10 steps to plan a fun and effective offsite’.

What services can Moniker provide in planning a retreat?
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Moniker is a ‘one-stop shop’ for corporate retreat planning. We can help with everything in the ‘pre-trip’ process from helping you find the right destination and host accommodation, negotiating the contracts on your behalf, booking flights, and then taking care of the Registration and attendee tracking. The planning process leading up to the event includes figuring out the agenda, how to fill each day, coordinating the work sessions and meetings, overseeing A/V and breakout rooms, as well as the fun side of things like team-building activities, optional excursions, and tours, and the evening events.

We also manage all of the details and logistics on-site and during execution. This means the arrivals process, helping everyone get checked into their rooms (and ensuring the cool swag is delivered!), and managing all the setup and oversight of your meetings and social events. Finally, we will also track all of the expenses in our line-itemized budgets, keeping a detailed record of all the receipts and invoices associated with your program so it is crystal clear how every dime is being spent. In summary, we can pretty much do anything you can dream of, and probably a lot more that you haven’t even thought of yet!

We’re committed to making the process as seamless, easy, and fun as possible, and our team of true travel and event professionals will be with you throughout the entire process from the first Kick-Off Call, straight through the on-site execution, and cleaning up the loose ends afterward during the reconcile process. 

What kind of trips or retreats does Moniker plan?
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Typically, the type of trips we plan fall into one of three categories; (1) Retreats (a mix of work and play), (2) Meetings (mostly work, a few dinners here and there), and (3) Incentive Trips (almost entirely ‘play’, with little or no work involved). We do not plan small team offsites, single-day events, nor health and wellness retreats. Not because we don’t like them, but because we know what we’re good at and are committed to being the best in our industry at doing what we do best. 

How is Moniker different from other retreat planning companies?
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The biggest difference between us and some of ‘the other guys’ is our commitment to service. We are one of the few agencies that employ a staff of 20+ travel and event experts Full-Time and don’t rely on freelancers or part-time staff to plan our retreats. That means consistency in how we do things, the templates and processes we use, and who our clients work with year after year.

We then take it one step further by employing a ‘Pod’ model, where 1x Operations Lead (Manager) is teamed up with 2x Trip Planners to support them, in a three-person ‘pod’ that gets assigned to every trip we plan. They meet with each client on a bi-weekly basis and are the same people who go on-site to run the programs. This means a higher overhead for us (and as you can imagine, it does indeed make us more expensive!), but it also means an extremely high level of white-glove service and support for the really complex retreats where being able to rely on a team of ninjas to come in and help you plan an important retreat is necessary.

Our goal was never to be the lowest-priced agency or compete on price, but rather to be the best in terms of service and having the highest standards in the industry. Tons of repeat clients are very happy with our approach, and we hope you’ll agree!

What is the importance of corporate retreats?
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Corporate retreats are essential for enhancing team bonding, morale boosting, breaking deadlock situations in projects or negotiations, revisiting shared goals and celebrating achievements together. They provide an exclusive environment away from regular work stress where people can rejuvenate while getting a broader perspective on company objectives.

What is the best way to plan a remote company retreat?
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Start by setting clear objectives for the retreat. Next, determine activities that align with these goals — this can range from professional development workshops to leisure and bonding opportunities. Establishing rules for engagement can further ensure a rewarding experience.

What's the best way to find corporate retreat facilities?
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Online research is a great starting point. Beyond that, you might want to tap into your professional network or, even better, consult corporate retreat planners who are familiar with various locations, venues, and itineraries that would be ideally suited to your company.

Company retreat ideas?
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The possibilities are endless. Team building games, skill-sharing sessions, wellness and mindfulness seminars, problem solving challenges and culinary competitions are some of quite popular ideas among many others.

How can we avoid going on the company retreat?
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While it could be anxiety inducing experience particularly if you're an introvert; going on such events actually provides great opportunities for personal growth. It's always helpful discussing any concerns upfront with your HR; they will certainly be willing to make accommodations so you feel more comfortable.

What are Corporate Retreats REALLY like?
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In essence corporate retreats blends work & play effectively while making the learning process fun and interactive. They form little hubs away from daily rush where people come together nurturing candid relationships thereby promoting workplace harmony when back in office.

Moniker's 'How to Plan a Retreat' Guide

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  • & More!
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Case Studies: Successful Corporate Retreat Examples

Dive into some of the real-life examples of the amazing company retreats and offsites we've planned for our clients. They showcase our innovative approach to corporate retreat planning, an the lasting impact we've had on teams around the world.

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Head to our Past Retreat Examples page

Help Scout Quebec Retreat

Saint-Sauveur, Quebec
Number of Guests:  

The Help Scout team brought their team to Saint-Sauveur, Quebec for a productive week together!

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Vivun Chamonix Retreat

Chamonix, France
Number of Guests:  

A remote SaaS Sales technology company wanted to create a unique experience for their first annual company retreat, set against the incredible backdrop of Chamonix in the French Alps.

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Airalo Academy Thailand Retreat

Phuket, Thailand
Number of Guests:  

For a truly unique retreat experience, we took the entire Airalo team of 180 people to the stunning beaches of Phuket, Thailand!

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What our Clients are Saying

Over the past 10 years, we have planned 250+ company retreats and brought over 10,000 people together. Hear what our clients have to say.

VP of People, Real
I can confidently say that over 5 years of partnering with Moniker has been integral to maintaining strong employee engagement with our team members. Moniker consistently delivers memorable and seamless company retreats that allow our team to gather in person to celebrate achievements and bond. Their customized, transparent, and collaborative approach makes them a trusted partner and so much fun to work with!
Natalie Magdalin
Manager, Workplace Experience, Webflow
Moniker has repeatedly delivered exceptional corporate retreat experiences for Webflow, first in 2019 in Mayakoba and now for FY25 Quebec — They combine unparalleled professionalism with a creative spirit that transforms events into unforgettable moments for our team. Their attention to detail, client-centered approach, and ability to seamlessly integrate personalized touches ensure each of our retreats has been unique and impactful.
Alexandra Dosen
Executive Assistant to Co-Founder, atai Life Sciences
The Moniker team is the absolute best at what they do. I cannot recommend them more highly. [They] went absolutely above and beyond every step of the way and organized an incredible retreat for us!
Erik Mikkelsen
President & CRO, Stealth Monitoring
Moniker team was absolutely amazing. Impressed with how they were on top of every detail and made everyone feel comfortable. I had dozens of people comment on how great they are. Would highly recommend Moniker to others.
Sheila Austin
VP of Learning & Development, Bluecat
The Moniker team is next level and makes strange, unplanned requests seem normal (even if I don't feel they are:)
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Sourcegraph
Seriously could not have done my job last week without Moniker! I know the team handled a lot of demands, sometimes last minute or unusual, but this team always stayed calm and pleasant -- cheerful event!
teambuilding activity at a company retreat
Puneet, Operations Manager at Uber
Office Manager, Uber
"Everything was flawlessly planned from beginning to end. Can’t thank you guys enough for the help and creativity you brought to the Uber Canada Winter Retreat!"
company retreat in Nashville
allison, leasing director at Dream Realty
Director of Leasing, Dream Realty
"It was an incredibly well organized trip – from memorable adventures to great restaurants and lively bars – my god was it fun. Thanks for all your hard work and helping us spoil our clients, ultimately continuing to be a best-in-class company"
Shopify Company Retreat in Banff, Alberta
Katie, Operations Lead at Shopify
Operations Lead, Shopify
It was our first time working with a company retreat planner and Moniker repeatedly set and raised the bar in every way. They consistently met the challenge and amplified every aspect of the event with their attention to detail, timing, safety and most importantly fun.
company retreat in Switzerland
Keith - CEO of PLEX
Keith Valory
CEO, Plex Inc.
“The trip literally brings the group together. Most importantly people are connected, which helps make it clear what we want to accomplish as a company.”
company retreat in tuscany italy
Alison - Head of Operations at TheoremOne
Dir. of Operations, TheoremOne
The value of a company retreat is imperative to company culture. If you want a retreat to have a lasting impact in the minds of all attendees, truly custom experiences are critical. Moniker will always be my pick for all the details they bring, big to small, and the overall WOW
Company Retreat in the Catskills, New York
Carolina - Bombas People
Head of People, Bombas
Moniker is an absolute dream to work with - from their proposal creation, to swag and execution of our Spring Retreat. They exemplify a true all-hands-on-deck attitude, and were willing to do anything and everything to ensure we had the time of our lives. I can't wait to work with them on our next retreat!
Zipline Company Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Employee from Zipline
Operations Manager, Zipline
Hats off to the amazing Moniker team for making our first company offsite in over 2 years absolutely unforgettable! Beginning to end, our planning team were thoughtful, positive, professional, solutions-focused, creative, and FUN! Their on-site service was impressive; they prepared for every possible scenario and ran interference before any issue that had the potential to arise.
Xapo Bank Company Retreat in Singapore
Wayne Mullen, Chief People Officer at Xapo Bank
Chief People Officer, Xapo Bank
Thanks for organising, it couldn't have been an easy task to co-ordinate so many people and events but you pulled it off and everything seemed to run so smoothly!
Company Retreat in Chamonix, France
Employee from Vivun
Solutions Consultant, Vivun
The Moniker team was beyond incredible! I don't think I would have enjoyed the trip even half as much without them. Not only are they all wonderful people but they made everything seem effortless. It was so comfortable and well coordinated that you enjoyed every second. I can not say enough wonderful things about this crew!
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