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Why Moniker?

We are award-winning corporate retreat planners, focused on helping companies put together imaginative trips, retreats, and offsites around the globe.

While we're based out of Toronto, Canada - we've crafted retreats on almost every continent. We find your team the perfect location while putting together a thoughtfully created agenda - all within your budget! 

Our mission? To create and operate unforgettable experiences and memories for our clients and their teams in a fun, transparent, and collaborative way. And we’re bloody good at it too.

How We Can Help

Our Services
Travel Logistics

Destination & Hotel Selection

We understand that the first (and largest!) hurdle to planning is finding the perfect location. We have an entire database and a team of experienced travellers to provide you with destination insight and find the ideal spot for your team.

Event Planning

Itinerary Creation & Implementation

We can help fill out your days with exciting team-building events & activities that everyone will love. From pasta-making in Italy to lobster-trap fishing in PEI, your team will experience an authentic experience wherever they go.

On-Site Staffing

Reducing Overall Costs

We save you time and money by finding you the best deals & negotiating on your behalf with trusted vendors. And with our transparent pricing, you know exactly what you're spending, every step of the way.

Planning Fully Customized Corporate Retreats & Events

We tend to wear many hats, but at our core we are corporate retreat planners that produce, and operate complex trips for groups around the world. Whether it's hosting your Kick-Off Meeting in Montréal or an All-Hands Retreat in Reykjavík - rest assured, we've got you covered!

  • Site Selection
  • Destination Insight
  • Graphic Design
  • Theme Development
  • Transparent Pricing
Agenda booklets

How It Works


Step 1. Intro Call

Every program begins with a phone call. We'll discuss your objectives, ask a few questions, and maybe even throw around a few ideas to begin. We'll explain what we actually do, how it all works, and how we might be able to help. From there, we'll send you a summary by e-mail and if all looks good - get started on a proposal.

Incentive Trip Agency

Step 2. Research & Proposal

We're firm believers in knowing who you're dealing with before a single dime gets spent. Based on our initial conversations, we'll start digging through our mountains of resources to prepare a complimentary proposal for you, outlining at least 3 destinations with hotels, activities, and other elements we think would add some color to each option.


Step 3. Letter of Engagement

After seeing our proposal, you'll decide whether you want to engage us to plan your program. If you do, we'll ask you to narrow down your top choice(s), sign a simple agreement and make a small deposit.

From there, we'll get cracking on diving deeper into the finer details, ultimately putting together a very detailed budget and itinerary for your final approval.


Step 4. Contract & Planning

By this stage, we've more or less figured out (A) the destination, (B) where (and when) you're going, and (C) the general outline of the day-to-day agenda.

Only after you're happy with the budget and itinerary from Step 3, will we finalize the process by signing a contract. After that, the real fun begins as we roll our sleeves up and get elbow deep in to the heaps of planning that lies ahead. (But don't worry, we'll be doing most of it!)


Step 5. On-Site Execution

Our staff will be in the forefront (while simultaneously in the background, clipboards and all), ensuring everything runs seamlessly and your guests' every need and whim is attended to.

Think of us as your butler, concierge, and Bat Phone all rolled into one – except instead of Alfred, call us Moniker.


What Clients Say About Us


Absolutely flawless

Everything was flawlessly planned from beginning to end. Can’t thank you guys enough for the help and creativity you brought to the Uber Canada Winter Retreat!


Critical to our culture

The trip literally brings the group together. Most importantly people are connected, which helps make it clear what we want to accomplish as a company.


Incredibly organized

It was an incredibly well organized trip – from memorable adventures to great restaurants and lively bars – my god was it fun. Thanks for all your hard work and helping us spoil our clients, ultimately continuing to be a best-in-class company


An Absolute Dream to Work With

Moniker is an absolute dream to work with - from their proposal creation, to swag and execution of our Spring Retreat. They exemplify a true all-hands-on-deck attitude, and were willing to do anything and everything to ensure we had the time of our lives. I can't wait to work with them on our next retreat!

Caroline Y.
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Examples of Some of Our Past Corporate Retreats

Company Retreat Muskoka
Ontario, Canada

A FinTech startup from Toronto wanted to celebrate a major milestone by bringing together their whole team after some rapid growth and many new faces.

Company Retreat Tuscany
Colorado, United States

We planned retreat for a remote-based company with 70 employees. In their own words, they wanted to parody "'Murica", in true stereotypical fashion.

Company Retreat Switzerland
Gstaad, Switzerland

A fully distributed media company brought nearly 100 employees for a company retreat in Switzerland for a "007 Special Agent Training" themed annual retreat.


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