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Moniker's Guide to Retreat Planning

Dive into our guide packed with expert tips on how to organize an amazing retreat, to ensure you're maximizing your budget while also reducing time and effort!
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What You'll Find Inside

Where to Begin

Ensure you're asking yourself the right questions to achieve your organization's goals, before diving into the planning



what to take into account in order to create and maintain an accurate retreat budget.

Selecting a Venue

A checklist of the most important features that you'll need for your retreat, and how to negotiate the best rates and concessions.

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Meetings & A/V

Dive into the mysterious world of presentations, videos, and A/V.

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Group Activities

Activity recommendations and tips that the entire group are guaranteed to enjoy

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Event Planning & Execution

How to make your life a breeze on-site, and make sure that your event goes off flawlessly

Moniker's 'How to Plan a Retreat' Guide

Filled with expert tips and tricks to ensure planning your next corporate retreat is a breeze!

  • Budget Guidelines
  • Agenda Templates
  • Tips on Scoring Discounts
  • Hotel Negotiation Tricks
  • & More!
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