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Account Manager - Virtual Experiences

We'll get right to the point: Moniker’s Virtual Team Building Experiences business is expanding faster than we can manage, and we are looking to hire someone with a proven track record in Account Management & Business Development to join the team and support us during our growth.

What Will I Be Doing Each Day?
The majority of your days will be spent fielding and responding to the dozens of inbound enquiries we receive daily through our website's Contact Form and general inbox, sharing preliminary information and our marketing materials via e-mail, and setting up calls to host Demos for qualified leads. You will also work with the rest of the Sales & Marketing team to hone our SEM and SEO strategies to better position ourselves to capture the unprecedented surge in interest in virtual team building experiences across the globe, and establish Moniker as an industry leader in the field.

The rest of your time will be spent figuring out other innovative ways to grow our corporate client-base, and trying to establish broader and more long-term strategic partnerships with larger companies across multiple offices or divisions. Also, keeping the team entertained through a steady flow of funny memes and thoughtful GIFs in our internal Slack channels👌

About You
This isn't your first biz dev rodeo. The ideal candidate has been around the proverbial block a few times and understands sales is a marathon, not a sprint, and will have the patience and persistence to tackle several sales calls each day without losing their gusto for gab after a long day of Zoom calls. They will be comfortable being 'on camera' a lot, talking to prospects around the world (making small talk and banter feel second-nature), and have palpable energy and charisma that oozes through the screen and gets people excited about our experiences.

All successful applicants will learn Moniker’s CRM processes, familiarize themselves with our approach to virtual experiences, and understand what exceptional client service involves. On top of this, they will be a coachable self-starter that will crush their monthly goals with the support of the Sales Team and leadership.
The ideal candidate

Some of the Other Benefits

We offer a unique workplace where our team collaborates to plan, produce, and operate complex trips and virtual experiences for companies with employees spread around the world. While that can be a lot of work - we have fun at the same time too!

  • 4-Weeks Starting Vacation 🌴
  • Dental & Health Benefits Plan 🏥
  • $2,500 Personal Development Bursary 📚
  • Remote / Work-From-Home Structure 🏠
  • Travel Opportunities 🗺️
  • 60,000 Aeroplan Points (Per Year) for Personal Travel ✈️
  • Annual Team Retreats (2020 was in Morocco!) 🐪
  • And more! 🎉
Send us an email with your CV as well as answers to two of the following questions (max 500 words each essay)
  1. Tell us about the last skill you learned or a course you took that wasn't required by your previous workplace or school. What was your motivation behind doing it?
  2. What is the worst travel experience you have ever encountered? Tell us the story!
  3. Describe your favourite previous boss/manager. What made them so awesome?
  4. Why do you want to work in sales over another client-facing role?
  5. You're hosting a dinner with 3 guests: 1 Living Person, 1 Dead, 1 Fictional Character. Who do you invite to the table, and why?
Successful candidates will be invited to a second round, wherein they should be prepared to flex their sales skills by (virtually) pitching the rest of the Sales Team a semi-ridiculous product or service (e.g. The Ostrich Pillow™), getting us excited and onboard to purchase one.
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