What’s the best way to boost a team’s morale that’s become a bit uninspired? Often, the answer is a change of scenery - get out of the office for a few days of fun, recreation, and intentional team building. And while any change of scenery can be fruitful, it’s an added bonus when the retreat center is surrounded by natural beauty.

For this reason, many teams flock to the sunny climate, cool waters, and natural greenery of California, Lake Tahoe. When planning a corporate retreat in this neck of the woods, there are a number of hotels, resorts, and facilities to choose from. Consider 10 of our favorite San Francisco and Lake Tahoe company retreat locations.

10 Locations for Corporate Retreats near Lake Tahoe

1) Everline Resort & Spa

Everline Resort & Spa is a tranquil haven nestled in the mountains of Tahoe, a refined hotel and ski resort that’s just a few minutes from the lake itself. Guests can indulge in a range of world-class amenities, including a luxurious spa that offers a variety of treatments designed to soothe the mind, body, and soul. 

The resort's elegant accommodations are designed with comfort in mind, featuring modern furnishings and thoughtful touches. The property provides exquisite comfort while also serving as a convenient headquarters for a wide range of year-round outdoor activities: Skiing, golfing, hiking, and more. 

Property Features: 

  • 405 luxurious rooms and suites
  • A championship golf course
  • Conference centre
  • Fitness centre
  • Cross-country ski center, fly fishing center, and ice-skating rink

2) The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe is a wonder to behold; like so many of the lodges and resorts that dot the American West, it was built with an incredibly high standard of artisanal and architectural care. Culinary enthusiasts will appreciate the lodge's dining options, which showcase a variety of gourmet dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

If you’re seeking truly luxurious company retreats near Lake Tahoe, perhaps with the aim of inspiring your attendees with both natural and manmade beauty, this luxurious hotel should top your list.

Property Features: 

  • 154 rooms & suites
  • Fitness centre & Spa
  • 3 On-Site Restaurants
  • Golf Course
  • On-Site Meeting Facilities
For a more upscale Lake Tahoe corporate retreat experience, consider the Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe

3) The Landing Resort & Spa

Based at the southern shore of Lake Tahoe, The Landing Resort and Spa provides breathtaking views of the mountains, close proximity to the water, and natural climate control courtesy of the cool lakeside breeze… basically, anything you could want from an out-of-the-office experience, you’ll find here. 

And while there are plenty of thrills to be found via watersports and rugged mountain adventures, team members may spend just as much time relaxing on the generous-sized porch or luxuriating in the hot tubs. The Landing offers a truly comprehensive getaway experience, making it a good fit for virtually any team.

Property Features: 

  • 82 luxury rooms & suites
  • On-Site Restaurant
  • Spa & Fitness Centre
  • On-Site Meeting Facilities

4) Basecamp South

Teams choose the Lake Tahoe Basin for many reasons, but foremost among them is the plethora of outdoor adventures to be found. If you’re hoping to ignite an exploratory spirit in your employees, consider the Basecamp Hotel, named because it’s cradled right at the trailhead of several paths, ranging from relaxing strolls to vigorous mountain expeditions. 

This hotel embraces the spirit of adventure with its prime location, allowing easy access to an array of outdoor activities year-round. Furthermore, the accommodations and facilities focus on fostering community with shared summer-camp-style rooms and cozy common areas with fire pits

Property Features: 

  • 73 rooms
  • On-Site Coffee Shop & Beer Garden
  • Outdoor meeting spaces
Think camping for adults. The Basecamp South offer a perfect launching pad for any corporate retreat activity or event.

5) Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

Speaking of all-encompassing corporate retreats near Lake Tahoe, this Hyatt property has it all. For one thing, it’s right on the waterfront, providing unparalleled access to one of America’s most legendary lakes. Guests can unwind by the lakefront fire pits, take a refreshing dip in the lakeside pool, or indulge in rejuvenating treatments at the Stillwater Spa. 

Two, with 422 guest rooms and ample meeting space it is one of the largest properties in the area. Factor in luxurious amenities and you have a no-brainer for any corporate retreat planning team.

Property Features: 

  • 422 luxury rooms & suites
  • Meeting Facilities
  • On-Site Spa
  • Various food establishments on-site (grill, bars & cafes)
  • Access to Hyatt’s private beach
Feel completely immersed in nature at the Hyatt Regceny Lake Tahoe

6) PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn

This Olympic Valley landmark is a far cry from some of the more corporatized entries on our list, providing a boutique experience and a rustic feel. If your team has a lot of seasoned campers and outdoor enthusiasts, or you simply want something a little on the quirky side, the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn may be the perfect corporate retreat location near Lake Tahoe for you.

Of course, there are plenty of creature comforts here, and easy access to year-round outdoor activities spanning skiing, biking, fishing, and beyond. With its intimate atmosphere and close proximity to natural wonders, this inn provides an ideal haven for those seeking a quintessential Lake Tahoe mountain experience.

Property Features: 

  • 55 well-appointed rooms & suites
  • On-Site Bar & Restaurant
  • Indoor & Outdoor Meeting Venues
The Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn offers a variety of event spaces for your upcoming Lake Tahoe company retreat

7) Hotel Azure

Hotel Azure is an excellent option for teams who want easy access to the airport and a remote property in the heart of Lake Tahoe. An onsite grille provides great meal options, while a pool and fitness center will help your employees unwind. And there’s so much to do in the surrounding area, not just in terms of Lake Tahoe’s grandeur, but also the arts and shopping available in Ontario proper.

Property Features: 

  • 99 modern rooms & suites
  • On-Site Pool, Fitness Centre, and Bowling Alley
  • Meeting Facilities

8) Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe

Ensconced in natural greenery and providing an incredible view of the lake itself, the Beach Retreat & Lodge is another obvious contender for your next company retreat. The resort brings excitement with a variety of water sports, from kayaking to paddleboarding. And when you're ready to dry off, jump into the lakeside pool or chill out in a hammock overlooking the water.

The facility itself has a lot going for it, not just in terms of the scenery but also a 24/7 business center, bars and lounges, an incredible pool area, and even ski storage areas. It also has one of the area’s most impressive conference centers, definitely something to keep in mind as you seek Lake Tahoe retreat locations.

Property Features: 

  • 261 rooms & suites
  • Outdoor pool and hot tub
  • On-Site Restaurant & Bars
  • Meeting Facilities

9) The Coachman Hotel

Pitched just between Heavenly Mountain and Lake Tahoe, the Coachman Hotel is ideal for smaller groups, with 42 guest rooms it strikes the perfect balance of ruggedness and modernity. Allowing you to feel like you’ve escaped the rat race while still nesting in luxury’s lap. 

The rooms are cozy, the on-site amenities are generous, and there’s a wide-open gateway to all kinds of year-round, outdoor adventures. Whether you're savoring locally sourced bites or catching a live music gig, The Coachman isn't just a hotel – it's a lifestyle, an invitation to explore, and a canvas for creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Lake Tahoe's natural wonderland.

Property Features: 

  • 42 modern-designed rooms & suites
  • Outdoor pool & Fitness Centre
  • Meeting Facilities
  • On-Site Cafe/Bar
A perfect blend of rustic and modern, the Coachman hotel won't disappoint any of your retreat guests

10) Tahoe Beach and Ski Club

Looking to treat your team to their own private beach? We’ve got you covered. Not only does the Tahoe Beach and Ski Club offer its own little corner of the Lake Tahoe shoreline, but it also has a full-service spa, outdoor pool, and countless other amenities. 

Unwind in the lakeside hot tub, take a leisurely stroll along the beach, or simply bask in the beauty of the sun setting over the water. Your team members will feel instantly relaxed when they step into this incredible corporate retreat location, one of the best Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Property Features: 

  • 140 rooms & suites
  • Outdoor pool & hot tub
  • Fitness Centre
  • Private Beach

Ask the Experts About Company Retreats near Lake Tahoe and San Francisco

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