Read on for some of the best company gifts and swag to give out at your next retreat

Forget the cliché coffee mugs and generic notebooks; it's time to think outside the (gift) box and truly surprise your team with creative and practical corporate retreat gifts. From personalized office plants that infuse life into the workspace, to non-spill coffee mugs that leave your desk clean and coffee-free, we've got something to cater to every taste, interest, and personality. And let's not forget the joy of subscription boxes: those monthly surprises that keep on giving, keeping morale high long after the retreat.

We pride ourselves on being expert corporate retreat planners, and that doesn’t stop at gifts and swag! With a diverse team of event planners and creatives, we are sure to find something that will ‘wow’ your employees and most importantly, won’t end up in their ‘Donate’ bin at the end of the day.

You might be asking yourself - what does Moniker give their team? As we go on our own internal retreats twice a year, and many of our colleagues regularly travel for work, we make sure we give out swag and gifts that are practical and useful for our team. Here are a few of the top gifts we’ve given to the team: 

  • Yeti Rambler 
  • Embroidered Lululemon Sweater 
  • Portable Battery Pack
  • Travel Tote Bag 
  • Travel-Friendly Jewelry Case
  • Camelback Waterbottle
  • Monogrammed Daily Planner

So, keep on reading as we unravel the secrets to extraordinary company retreat gifts that will forever stand out from the corporate crowd.

Branded Disposable Cameras

Capture the fun and camaraderie of your company retreat with branded disposable cameras. These retro-inspired cameras not only provide a nostalgic touch but also allow participants to create tangible memories. Encourage your team to snap photos throughout the retreat and create a keepsake album post retreat. Spice up your office decor with a photo board that guests can add to throughout the week, or have a competition for the best picture! Branded disposable cameras add a touch of creativity and serve as a lasting reminder of the great experiences shared.

Moniker Recommends: This retro-inspired and compact instant camera is easy to bring to your retreat activities and events! 

Dry Bags

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, customizable dry bags are the perfect gift. Given the range of activities offered during a corporate retreat, a dry bag is a great offering for everyone. These waterproof bags keep belongings safe and dry during adventurous excursions like kayaking, hiking, or beach outings. Adding your company logo or a personalized message to these bags makes them truly unique and serves as a reminder of the fantastic shared experiences during your corporate retreat. 

Moniker Recommends: A basic dry bag that can hold all of your important personal belongings - from cell phones, to cameras, to towels! 

Packable Reusable Bag 

In today's eco-conscious world, packable reusable bags are not only practical but also environmentally friendly. As more and more countries and stores phase out single-use grocery bags, a small packable bag is ideal as a corporate retreat gift. Encourage your team to reduce their own single-use plastic consumption by gifting them with stylish and foldable bags they can carry wherever they go. By customizing these with your company logo or a motivational quote, you promote sustainability while increasing brand visibility in a subtle yet impactful way.

Moniker Recommends: These eco-friendly packable bags from our friends at Baggu - fully customizable and easy to store in your bag or car! 

Ring Lights

With the proliferation of remote work and video conferences, ring lights have become a must-have accessory. Enhance your team's video conferencing experience by gifting them with adjustable ring lights, perfect for phones, iPads, and laptops alike. These portable lights provide optimal lighting conditions for clear and professional-looking video calls. Branded with your company logo, they serve as a helpful tool, a constant reminder of your amazing corporate retreat, and make your team look good! 

Moniker Recommends: A ring light that is packable and easy to store, just like this one from Amazon! 

Luggage Tags

Help your team travel in style with personalized luggage tags. These small but thoughtful corporate retreat gifts not only make it easy to identify their luggage but also add a touch of personality and uniqueness. Customize the luggage tags with your company logo, individual monogram, or a fun design that represents your team's culture. Every time they travel, they'll be reminded of the incredible experiences and the tight-knit team they belong to.

Moniker Recommends: These personalized and vibrant luggage tags from Mark and Graham. Add to your collection with any of their other travel items, such as passport holders or jewelry cases.

Filter Waterbottles

We’ve all heard the dreaded “Can I drink the water?” when arriving at a new destination. While most destinations offer safe drinking water, there are still locations that are unable to provide clean tap water. Staying hydrated is crucial, especially during outdoor activities or busy workdays. This is why filter water bottles are unique and practical corporate retreat gifts for your team. Filter water bottles with built-in filtration systems ensure that your team has access to clean and purified water wherever they go. By customizing these bottles with your company logo, you show your commitment to their health and well-being while promoting your brand practically and stylishly. 

Moniker Recommends: This LifeStraw water bottle, with a built-in water purification system that is portable and customizable. 

Unspillable Coffee Mugs

We know, we know, you might be asking yourself “ANOTHER coffee mug?!”. Trust us, these are different! For coffee lovers, reusable coffee mugs are a practical and eco-friendly corporate retreat gift choice, however, there’s nothing worse than a mug that tips and spills. Enter the unspillable coffee mug or portable cup - a reusable mug that doesn’t spill and can’t be knocked over! Branded with your company logo, these will become a staple in your daily routine and a reminder of the fantastic company retreat you just returned from. 

Moniker Recommends: These cool and unique non-spill coffee mugs from Mighty Mug, with tons of different options and variations.

Personalized Office Plants: 

Personalized office plants have become increasingly popular as corporate retreat gifts, as they offer numerous benefits to team members. Plants add a touch of nature to indoor spaces, making them more inviting, calming, and aesthetically pleasing. They also help to purify the air, improve overall well-being, and boost productivity. To maximize ease for your retreat guests, select low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for and require minimal attention. Alternatively, gifts such as customizable pot covers give your team additional flexibility and are reusable for other plants/flowers! 

Moniker Recommends: These cute and packable customizable succulent plants, with customizable notes and tags! 

Subscription Boxes: 

Subscription boxes have gained immense popularity as corporate gifts because they provide an ongoing experience and a sense of anticipation. They are a great way to treat your team to curated products and experiences tailored to their interests, passions, or needs. As corporate retreat gifts, they allow managers and leaders to individualize boxes, and allow your employees to feel valued by their teams. With a wide range of subscription options available, you can find the perfect fit for each team member. Additionally, subscription boxes can be gifted at the retreat, and sent to the homes of everyone, eliminating the need to pack extra items! 

Moniker Recommends: EveryPlate, a meal-prepping kit, or Breo Box, a subscription kit for the tech lovers and remote workers. 

A company retreat using any or all of these gift ideas is sure to be a hit with your team, and personalized and individual gifts add thoughtful touches that are a great way to appreciate your team. Everyone will return feeling refreshed, realigned and re-energized to keep striving for your joint goals! If you need destination ideas check out our other recommendations in California, Colorado, Texas, London, Mexico, Lisbon and The UK. Ready to get started? Contact us or check out our steps to planning a company retreat. Happy Planning!