Not all executive leadership retreats are created equal, nor do they all serve the same purpose. So it’s vital to put thought into crafting a retreat that is tailored to your attendees, whether it's your entire staff, your top brokers or your leadership team. Some retreats might focus on relaxation and celebration, some on team-building and togetherness, and some still on leadership development and strategy. At Moniker, we love the creativity that comes with creating retreats that not only meet the needs of your team, but effortlessly blend your goals for your retreat with the gorgeous destination you’ve chosen.

Ideas and Best Practices for Executive Leadership Retreats

An executive leadership retreat is a fantastic way to bring your group together to align on strategy, workshop new techniques, and yes, celebrate and thank your executive team for their hard work!

If you’re hoping to create a unique retreat that stands out and helps you reach your goals, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 Ideas for Executive Leadership Retreats that will truly elevate your trip! 

1. Choose a Marquee Destination 

Your executive team deserves to be rewarded with an iconic destination that they can write home about. Yes, this is a trip with your colleagues, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fun and excitement while you’re at it! Whether it's a popular city within your own country or an exciting bucket list destination abroad, you’ll be able to blend workshops and strategy sessions with sightseeing and dining experiences with ease. This is an easy but effective idea for executive leadership retreats.

2. Keep Everyone Under One Roof

Your leadership group will likely be a smaller group of individuals that would benefit from staying at an accommodation exclusive to your team. Look for a villa or home to use through AirBnb, VRBO or Exceptional Villas. This will allow for flexible meeting spaces, unstructured team-building, and easy communication. As well, this provides a more “at home” feeling that can truly elevate team-bonding. Use this opportunity to order-in groceries, cook a meal together and enjoy casual time with the team without service staff around. The camaraderie, comfort and connection that comes from sharing a space with your executive leadership team will be unmatched! 

3. Add a Bucket List Activity

If you want to make this retreat really special, opt for a destination-based bucket list activity. Anything from bungee jumping, to an iconic view, to a decadent dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant can truly elevate your leadership retreat. Your executives will love how special this experience is and the memories made together will strengthen the team and re-energize them to work together toward your company goals.

A Michelin-star dinner or a bucket list experience is a great idea to make your executive leadership retreat truly memorable.

4. Encourage Creativity

With all your leaders together in one room, this is the perfect opportunity to tap into the group’s creative potential. Add in a session or two that focuses solely on innovation and creation. What are the issues your company may face in the future? Where are you looking to expand? Don’t structure these sessions too much and allow your team to throw anything out there. Encourage confidence in trying things out and get those creative juices flowing! This is a very useful idea for executive leadership retreats as you may be surprised at what fantastic ideas come out of it. 

5. Forgo Swag and Opt For A Gift

Your leaders have likely been at the company for some time, meaning they have enough company t-shirts, bags and water bottles. Instead of adding to their never-ending collection, why not change it up and provide a company gift instead. A bottle of wine, basket of snacks, helpful travel accessories or a customized passport wallet waiting for them in their rooms will not only be more useful but so much more appreciated. Trust us! Plus, a handwritten note from the big boss themselves goes a long way in making your executive team feel extra recognized. 

6. Incorporate Wellness Activities

Leaders and executives work hard and can end up holding enormous amounts of stress. Why not add in a wellness activity to encourage de-stressing and relaxation. A yoga class, massage, meditation class, or spa treatment would go a long way to helping your team unwind and feel appreciated. Making your employees feel valued with wellness activities will also help them feel more relaxed and able to engage more fully in any workshops or strategy sessions you have! 

Incorporating wellness activities is a great way to de-stress your team on your next executive leadership retreat!

Need More Unique Ideas?

Look no further. We here at Moniker have a plethora of ideas to enhance your executive leadership retreat and make it the best it can be. Your leadership teams deserve a retreat that makes them feel appreciated and that aligns with your goals for the future. Contact us for more creative ideas for your executive leadership retreat!