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Our Most Popular Virtual Holiday Party Games


Holiday Trivia

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

30-100 Participants| Teams of 4-8

A Clock representing Time

1 - 1.5 Hours

Teams compete in 3+ rounds of holiday themed trivia fun alongside other unique mini-games that will bring your team together. Participate in a unique twist on Pictionary, Fun Fact Matching about your Colleagues, Fastest Reaction games, solving Riddles with your team, and more!

Between rounds, get a glimpse of the leaderboard and talk up the other teams to fuel that competitive fire. This fast-paced, competitive experience can be made for a 60 or 90 minute version. Want an even more memorable event? We can customize the trivia too!

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Virtual Holiday Office Party | A Very Merry Mystery

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

30-120 Participants| Teams of 8-10

A Clock representing Time

2 Hours

In this holiday-themed fully virtual "Whodunnit", participants are tasked with getting to the bottom of what happened after the Office Holiday Party for a Toy Company ends in disaster.

Groups are split into smaller teams of 8-10 and tasked with interrogating the possible culprits in real-time; cross-examining the cast of characters and their alibis over 3 rounds of live interaction, before submitting their best guess for both theand the Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found responsible? Only you can help solve this Very Merry Mystery!

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A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Holiday Patent Pending

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

40-150 Participants| Teams of 3-5

A Clock representing Time

1 - 1.5 Hours

Creativity meets comedy in this Pitch-themed competition, pitting teams against each other in a battle-royale style challenge to ultimately crown the team most worthy of securing funding for their product or idea as voted on by their peers.

Using a mix of crowd-sourced prompts and our own list of proven gems, teams are tasked to create a 3-5 minute pitch within a mad-libs inspired mashup, creating a product that solves a specific target market's problem or need. Will your pitch be a polished back-of-napkin sketch, delivered by committee? Or perhaps a catchy jingle or rap, delivered in song?

Do whatever it takes to win - but beware a few curveballs thrown in to keep people on their toes and add to the hilarity!

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A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Holiday Hunt from Home

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

30-250 Participants| Teams of 5-8

A Clock representing Time

1 - 1.5 Hours

This one of a kind Scavenger Hunt is specifically designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen.  

You’ll have 45 minutes to submit as many photos and videos as possible that show your favorite traditions, worst / best presents, hidden talents, ugliest sweaters and cutest pet costumes.  

There are 30 challenges to complete, which team can earn the most points before the clock runs out? Nobody gets them all done!

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A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Holiday Escape Room

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

30-250 Participants| Teams of 3-5

A Clock representing Time

1.5 Hours

In this virtual holiday escape room Santa has been kidnapped and we have a whole list of likely suspects from Hans Gruber to Harry & Marv.  

Breaking out into case squads, teams will have 45 minutes to work through a series of holiday themed riddles, puzzles and multimedia challenges to unlock the information needed to try and save Santa before it’s too late!  

Note:  Company not into "Santa"?  Ask about "Who Kidnapped the Boss".

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Virtual escape room

Holiday Murder Mystery | Silver Scream

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

30-90 Participants| Teams of 6-8

A Clock representing Time

2 Hours

It’s midnight on New Year's Eve and premiere of this year's most anticipated movie, "New Year's Evie," by esteemed director Karl Kubrick. In true Hollywood fashion, tragedy strikes when it's discovered that the director has been murdered during the showing. Not only that, but he had been killed in the exact same fashion as a victim in his movie.

Now it's up to you and your team to suit up and solve this holiday murder! Will you be able to shine a spotlight on the details of this crime or will the clues be left on the cutting room floor?

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A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Interested in seeing our other experiences?

Virtual Team Building

    Need help with gifting? We've got you covered 🎁

    We have some incredible partners to help us curate and ship holiday themed goodies to your whole team.

    We'll do the gifting, and you'll get all the credit! 😉

    A women holding a present

    Need Help with Gifting? We've Got you Covered!

    We've partnered with Chocolate Soup to curate and ship gifts for each of your employees. We'll do the gifting and you'll get all the credit.

    Gift Boxes
    A Holiday Poisetta Border

    The Snowball Box

    Each box is $50
    (including shipping)
    Truffle Chocolates & Cookies
    Gingerbread Popcorn & Apple Chips
    Cranberry Cider & Hot Chocolate
    Holiday Napkins & A Handwritten Card
    Available Internationally

    The Snowman Box

    Each box is $50
    (including wine & shipping)
    A Holiday gift kit
    Flavourful Red Wine & Mulling Spices
    Gingerbread Popcorn & Cocktail Gummies
    Shortbread Cookies & Apple Chips
    Holiday Napkins & A Handwritten Card
    Only Available in Canada

    Varied Cocktail Kits

    starting from $70
    (plus shipping)
    A Holiday Drink Kit
    Your Choice of a Unique & Festive Cocktail
    A Bottle of Your Chosen Liquor
    Easy to Follow Recipe Instructions
    All Ingredients, Drink Mixes and Ice Molds
    Available Internationally

    Have More Questions?

    How can I book one of your experiences?
    Orange Arrow

    If you'd like to set up a walk-through of the options or demo of a particular experience, reach out to us via our Contact Form on our website and let us know. If you know which game you want to do and are ready to book, e-mail us in the contact form below with your preferred date, time, and number of participants and we will get back to you within 24 hours with confirmation!

    Are the experiences facilitated?
    Orange Arrow

    Yes! We are strong believers that quality engagement delivered over a virtual platform relies on the energy and charisma of live hosts and facilitators. All of our experiences use a live (human) host as well as a number of facilitators to ensure a smooth execution and to provide support to participants throughout the process.

    Do you have a minimum number of participants?
    Orange Arrow

    Yes. Due to using live hosts, facilitators, and in some cases live actors, we do enforce a minimum group size of 30 to justify the cost inputs to operate our experiences. Should you have a smaller group but are willing to cover the minimum, we would be happy to host you!

    What platforms do you operate on?
    Orange Arrow

    We have built all of our experiences from the ground up using Zoom as our platform. We can accommodate up to 150 people on most games at once, and are often able to run multiple events simultaneously for larger groups. At this time, we are unable to offer our experiences on Google Meet, WebEx or Microsoft Teams due to the limited functionality they provide for our games.

    What is the process after we confirm our event?
    Orange Arrow

    You will be connected with a dedicated contact from our Operations team who will get you set up with all of the necessary documents to promote your event internally with your team, as well as assign everyone to participate.

    They will be available leading up to the date of your event to answer any questions, and will send out a reminder to all participants 48 hours prior to your event with all necessary details. On the day of the event, simply log in - and everything will be ready to go!

    What are your operating hours?
    Orange Arrow

    Our team is located on the east coast of North America, and can accommodate groups from all time-zones between the hours of 9am - 10pm EST (regardless of where you are located). We can offer games on weekends on a case-by-case basis - please reach out to us if you would like to enquire!

    Activity Pricing

    Our Prices
    virtual game

    Single Activity

    starting from $25 per person
    Choice of any 1 activity
    Minimum: 30 participants
    Customized Experiences for your Team
    Created for a Virtual Environment
    Request a Quote
    multiple virtual games

    Moniker Activity 5-Pack

    starting from $100 per person
    Choice of any 5 activities
    Spread out over a 120-day period to fit your company's schedule
    Customization of Content Tailored to Your Company and Team
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