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Our Virtual Murder Mysteries

With our theatrical partners, we’ve developed murder mystery scripts that have been rehearsed and tested to be as engaging as possible and seamlessly delivered in a remote environment.

You can choose between a variety of murder mysteries specifically designed for smaller teams that combine both interactive fun with deductive reasoning skills.

Select a launch date and time for the show, and we'll handle the rest! 

Book a Virtual Murder Mystery
Woman playing a virtual team-building game
A team of three people
Up to 60 participants
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97% positive feedback
Available worldwide
Available Worldwide
Great for Small Groups

Interested in Virtual Games for the Holidays?

Virtual Holiday Party Games

Our Murder Mysteries

Santa Gate

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

# of Participants: 20 - 60
Teams: up to 3 Teams of max 20 participants each

A Clock representing Time

1.5 Hours

5 Actors
$3,000 (up to 30 Participants)
$3,500 (up to 50 Participants)
$4,500 (up to 75 Participants)

Our detective agency has just been made aware that there's something not quite right in the North Pole. With the elves on strike, and no more toys being made, there's a high probability that the holidays will be ruined this year if we can't figure what's going on quickly.

It's up to you and your teams to find out the truth of what is going on at the North Pole & Help Mrs. Claus save Christmas before it's too late!

A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Murder at River Crossing Bookclub

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

# of Participants: 20 - 60
Teams: up to 3 Teams of max 20 participants each

A Clock representing Time

1.5 Hours

2 Actors | $3,000 (20 - 40 Participants)
4 Actors | $4,500 (40 - 60 Participants)

River Crossing, Carolina, is located deep in the American South. It’s a three-cop town with a small, close-knit population. The inhabitants are a rough split between upper-class landowners and lower-middle-class farmers and their families, all of whom have ancestral roots in the area that run hundreds of years deep.

It is a homely little hamlet, living a few decades behind the rest of the country, and last Friday night, between 9:45 pm and 10 pm, Ursula Fitzroy, the most influential person in town, was murdered.

You, as an investigative journalist from the Fayetteville Observer, will have the job of interrogating the townspeople, peeling back the layers of this unusual crime to discover what really happened last Friday night. People always say something like this couldn’t happen here…looks like we were all in for a rude awakening.

Mean Queens

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

# of Participants: 1 - 20
Teams: 1 Team of up to max 20 participants

A Clock representing Time

1 - 1.5 Hours

1 Actor | $1,500 (Up to 20 Participants)
*Best Suited for Small Teams

The campus of Brookville University, your beloved alma mater. You remember the sororities, fraternities, the parties, all the thrills and joys of campus life!

A cleverly designed lawn decoration features a yellow banana doused in gruesome blood and set prominently on someone's front yard. The top of the banana has been cut off and lies yards away. It won't be till morning that the decapitated body of Cory Singer is found inside that banana suit. 

Mean Queens ​is like a true-crime podcast come to life, only here, you won’t just listen. You’ll examine, prod, investigate and grill suspects as you come face to face with the reality that things aren’t always as they seem.

One Actress - Five Roles - A Tour De Force Performance!

A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Murder in La La Land

A Vector of 3 People indicating Teamwork

# of Participants: 20 - 60
Teams: up to 3 Teams of max 20 participants each

A Clock representing Time

1.5 Hours

2 Actors | $3,000 (20 - 40 Participants)
4 Actors | $4,500 (40 - 60 Participants)

Imagine this: You’re a company member at Summit Pictures - one of La La Land’s major film studios. However, today is not a regular work day because after clocking out on this day no one is going home. One of your very own, a talented, up-and-coming screenwriter, has been found murdered, and all of your fellow co-workers are the main suspects!

Come meet the iconic characters you think you know, while getting an insider’s peek behind the façade. Become a key player as you experience a tragically hilarious story probing the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens of SHOWBIZ!

Have More Questions?

How can I book one of your experiences?
Orange Arrow

If you'd like to set up a walk-through of the options or demo of a particular experience, reach out us via our Contact Form on our website and let us know. If you know which game you want to do and are ready to book, e-mail us with your preferred date, time, and number of participants and we will get back to you within 24 hours with confirmation!

Are the experiences facilitated?
Orange Arrow

Yes! We are strong believers that quality engagement delivered over a virtual platform relies on the energy and charisma of live hosts and facilitators. All of our experiences use a live (human) host as well as a number of facilitators to ensure a smooth execution and to provide support to participants throughout the process.

Do you have a minimum number of participants?
Orange Arrow

Yes. Due to using live hosts, facilitators, and in some cases live actors, we do enforce a minimum group size of 40 to justify the cost inputs to operate our experiences. Should you have a smaller group but are willing to cover the minimum, we would be happy to host you!

What platforms do you operate on?
Orange Arrow

We have built all of our experiences from the ground up using Zoom as our platform. We can accommodate up to 60 people on most games at once, and are often able to run multiple events simultaneously for larger groups. At this time, we are unable to offer our experiences on Google Meet, WebEx or Microsoft Teams due to the limited functionality they provide for our games.

What is the process after we confirm our event?
Orange Arrow

You will be connected with a dedicated contact from our Operations team who will get you set up with all of the necessary documents to promote your event internally with your team, as well as assign everyone to participate.

They will be available leading up to the date of your event to answer any questions, and will send out a reminder to all participants 48 hours prior to your event with all necessary details. On the day of the event, simply log in - and everything will be ready to go!

What are your operating hours?
Orange Arrow

Our team is located on the east coast of North America, and can accommodate groups from all time-zones between the hours of 9am - 10pm EST (regardless of where you are located). We can offer games on weekends on a case-by-case basis - please reach out to us if you would like to enquire!

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