Whether you’re managing a team of 4 or 40, giving everyone the opportunity to take a break and get to know each other is always appreciated! As a team lead, it’s important to encourage a tight-knit bond within the small team reporting to you so they always feel supported. After an exceptional start to the year, why not show your team some appreciation because after all, you’ve seen first hand how hard they’ve been working! So if you’ve just finished up a big project, are introducing a new team member, or are looking for a chance to reconnect after a busy few weeks, we’ve got you covered with the best virtual games for small teams!

Your team may be small, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t virtual games designed specifically with them in mind. Some of the best virtual games for small teams are the most simple, like an online trivia bringing everyone together for some friendly competition. But there’s also plenty of opportunity for thoughtful team building and problem solving with strategic escape rooms built just for small teams. With so much opportunity, why not switch up the virtual happy hour and treat your team to a fresh and exciting experience designed to bring them together? 

If your small team could use some fun, reading because we’ve ranked the best virtual games for small teams to help you find the perfect fit for your group! 

Abandon Ship! A Pirate's Escape | A Fully 3D Virtual Escape Room

Best For: Teams that love escape rooms

Abandon Ship, a Pirate’s Escape! is a 3D Virtual Escape Room in which you’ve awakened trapped in a pirate’s cell. While your captors are away on land, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve a series of challenges in order to escape before they return.

Work as a team to race through a series of puzzles spread over the entire vessel, in your quest to unlock the clues to abandon ship!

Online Trivia Game | Fun & Engaging

Best for: Teams wanting a social experience  

Teams compete in 3+ rounds of trivia fun alongside other unique mini-games that will bring your team together. Participate in a unique twist on Pictionary, FunFact Matching about your Colleagues, Fastest Reaction games, solving Riddles with your team, and more!

Between rounds, get a glimpse of the leaderboard and talk up the other teams to fuel that competitive fire. This fast-paced, competitive experience can be a 60 or 90 minute game. Want an even more memorable event? We can customize the trivia too–offering your team the best virtual game designed just for them!

Trivia is an great and engaging virtual game for small teams

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Escape From Mibo Island | Escape Room for Small Teams

Best for: Teams that love escape rooms

Escape from Mibo Island is the best online escape room for small groups! Suitable for all levels of puzzle-lovers, from those new to online escape rooms, to more advanced players who just want some easygoing fun. Play with your friends, colleagues or family in this immersive 3D Virtual Island!

As part of a team, you move around Mibo Island freely solving puzzles in cooperation with your colleagues. Your avatar is a colourful robot with your face and voice integrated using spacial sensory effects (if you move away from someone, they'll be less able to hear you!). Mibo Island is designed for teams of 4 and is challenging enough to last between 45-60 minutes depending on your puzzle solving skills! 

Escape Mibo Island is a fully 3D interactive escape room that is designed specifically for small teams

Name That Tune (Music Trivia) | A Fun & Social Experience

Best for: Teams that love music 

Think you know everything about your favourite artists? Teams compete in 3+ rounds of musical fun sure to bring your team together and have them singing all the way to the scoreboard! Play Name that Tune, Musical Trivia, Finish these Lyrics, and Guess your colleagues' favourite songs in this fast-paced, competitive experience.

With your video and audio connected directly to the online platform, teams can interact with each other, their competition, and our friendly host. And the trivia can be customized too! Is your team into Rock 'n' Roll? Disco? 90s Grunge? Let us know and we'll customize the best virtual game just for you!

Is your team into music and trivia? There's no better way to engage your small team than with Name that Tune