With so many companies having pivoted to a remote work setup in 2020, as the world slowly begins to return to “normal” we’re faced with an entirely new working structure–the hybrid team! Working in hybrid teams comes with inherent obstacles and feelings of disconnect between those who work remotely and those in an office, so it’s no surprise team members can struggle to develop organic working relationships. Investing in your hybrid team’s culture by offering engaging hybrid events can help transform your divided team into a cohesive, tight-knit group–no matter where they’re based!

That being said, hosting a hybrid event is a challenge in itself. Finding the right blend of physical and virtual elements to cater to all participants is no easy feat. With some joining from home and others gathering in an office, how do you find the perfect hybrid event for your team? We’ve found that ensuring all participants can contribute to their team’s common goal (whether that being escaping a pirate ship or surviving a lunar crash) is the best way to encourage team members connect and collaborate outside of projects and meetings. 

So start up a virtual water cooler chat with your team by setting up a hybrid event to give them all a chance to get to know each other! Below are 4 of our best hybrid events to keep your team engaged regardless of where they’re logging in from.

1. Abandon Ship! | A Pirate’s Escape

Abandon Ship, a Pirate’s Escape! is a 3D Virtual Escape Room in which you’ve awakened trapped in a pirate’s cell. While your captors are away on land, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve a series of challenges in order to escape before they return.

Work as a team to race through a series of puzzles spread over the entire vessel, in your quest to unlock the clues to abandon ship!

2. Final Verdict | A Futuristic Jury Escape Room

In this 90-minute twist on an escape room legal thriller, the heir to a media empire stands accused of arson and fraud, facing a life-sentence in prison if he is found guilty.

Participants are put in the role of a 6-person Jury overseeing the trial, tasked with reviewing the evidence as well as cross-examining both the defendant and lead prosecutor live as you race against time.

Combining live actors with a 3D virtual reality interface set in the year 2030, you will need to work with your fellow jurors to deliver your vote before the trial ends. What will be your final verdict?

3. Project Artemis | Disaster Scenario & Survival Exercise 

In this modern update to classic team-building exercises, teams are given a scenario in which they must work together to decide the best strategy for survival, and come to a consensus in ranking the items they'll need while adapting to curveballs presented to them as the scenario progresses.

Using actors in professionally produced cutscenes,  polished visuals, and a rich back story - these elements combine to create an immersive experience for participants in our our flagship scenario inspired by an Apollo Program Astronaut training exercise, and updated to the year 2037.

4. The Omega Protocol | Virtual Escape Room 

The Omega Protocol is a 3D Virtual Escape Room, centred around the premise of a group of rogue scientists whose experiments to prolong the human lifespan have gone horribly wrong... unleashing the rise of the walking dead.

As part of a team, you must race through a series of puzzles spread over 3 unique levels, in your quest to contain the spread and uncover the antidote before time runs out!

Ready to plan your next hybrid event? Get in touch with our team to chat about how we can make any of the hybrid events above work for your unique group!