So you planned an in-person holiday get together for your team, and now it seems that you may not be able to safely make it happen. If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that even the best laid plans can go awry. We certainly don’t blame you for getting your hopes up, but just because you can’t have an in-person holiday party doesn’t mean your team should go without a celebration this year! You’ve worked hard and deserve some time to kick back, relax and have some fun.

So you need a last minute Zoom holiday party game to spice up your festivities? We’ve got you covered. We specialize in creative and engaging virtual games that are great for team-building, but more importantly are so fun that you’ll forget all about your old party! Trust us, we’re experts when it comes to ensuring your virtual holiday event is not only the party of the year, but also runs smoothly from start to finish. So let’s turn that Ba-Humbug into a Happy Holidays, and finish this year off with a bang. Here are Moniker’s top Zoom holiday party games to get you in the festive spirit.

1. A Very Merry Mystery  | A Holiday Virtual Whodunnit 

Mystery, intrigue, drama and... ugly holiday sweaters? Yes that’s right, this office holiday party is unlike any you’ve ever attended. Welcome to, A Very Merry Mystery.

You’re cordially invited to the Kringle Toys Inc annual holiday party of 1999, where after a tumultuous year, the company has planned a booming comeback by launching a new and exciting toy. However, when the president steps up to make his speech, it’s discovered that someone has stolen all the toys and destroyed the prototype! Now 8 party guests have been deemed suspicious, and it’s up to you and your team to figure out who could have committed such a crime, and save the holidays! 

With 8 live actors, over an hour of scripted content and dramatic twists and turns you won’t see coming, A Very Merry Mystery is the perfect substitute for an in-person holiday party. Interview the spirited suspects, find clues and work together with your team to figure out who out of these dubious characters is the real Scrooge. This elevated Zoom holiday party game is the perfect combination of fun and team-building, and we guarantee you’ll be fa-la-la-laughing from start to finish!

Looking for a Zoom virtual holiday game that is special and different? Solve a mystery this holiday season! 

2. Be On The Snow-Ball | Holiday Trivia

We all love a little friendly competition, but boring old trivia is snow yesterday. So we went ahead and took classic trivia to the next level. Compete with your colleagues in a variety of unique holiday-themed trivia rounds that will certainly get your eggnoggin’s working. Who in your team is the noel-it-all? With a unique virtual platform and a chance to get to know your team a little more, you can’t go wrong with Holiday Trivia.

With a customizable option of creating your very own round of questions specific to your group, you’ll be sure to have a truly unique experience. Test your knowledge, have a few (read: a lot of) laughs, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy this epic Zoom holiday party game.

Pro Tip: Include an incentive prize for the winning team to get everyone excited! 

Holiday Trivia is a guaranteed hit for your next Zoom Holiday Party Game!

3. Laughing All The Way | Holiday Patent Pending

Shark Tank meets Who’s Line Is it Anyway with our hilarious pitch-it style game show, Patent Pending. In this creative and exciting challenge, teams will be tasked with creating and pitching a product, the more ridiculous, the better. 

Each team will get to choose from 3 target markets, 3 problems to solve, and 2 hot trends and from there will create their winning product. In this special-edition, festive version, teams can expect to be solving some classic holiday conundrums. How do you get around slow-walkers in the mall? What do you do when you're full but dessert just came out? That’s up to you to decide! 

Think outside the box, work with your team, and compete with your coworkers to see whose product is truly the most absurd. Get excited for this unique, high-spirited and downright jolly Zoom holiday party game!

Patent Pending is a great and engaging Zoom Holiday Party Game!

Making Spirits Bright

Any of the above festive virtual events strike your fancy? Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg and there is certainly much more where that came from. So even if your in-person holiday party is cancelled, we hope we’ve lifted your spirits with these exciting options. Contact us to get started today.

Not into a holiday theme? Not to worry, as we have a variety of different options from a 3D virtual escape room, to a lunar disaster survival scenario to an 80s murder mystery and so much more. With over ten exciting virtual activities each offering a unique experience and guaranteeing a bushel of fun, you can’t go wrong with hosting your virtual holiday party with Moniker. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!