Welcoming a new class of interns can be a daunting task, especially in a remote environment. Their onboarding experience sets the tone for the rest of their time at your company, so it’s important to strike the right balance between training processes and social engagement to ensure they feel connected to the company through a strong workplace culture. One way to do this is through the intern virtual event ideas we’ve listed below. This is important as fostering a welcoming environment right from the beginning will encourage growth and company loyalty and will hopefully encourage them to return when they’re thinking about full-time employment.

Rather than overwhelming the group with formal training their entire first week, consider breaking up their first or second day with a team building activity like an escape room, and ending the week with a social event, trivia anyone? Incorporating opportunities for bonding and socializing will initiate strong relationships right from the get go and will ultimately help your new additions feel more comfortable in their new roles. These virtual event ideas for interns will help your interns build strong relationships within the company and develop essential problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills. Investing in your interns is just as important as your full-time employees as they’re the potential future of your company! 

Here are some virtual event ideas for interns that will help boost their skills and engagement so their time at your company is productive for everyone.

1. A Virtual Escape Room | Abandon Ship 

Abandon Ship, a Pirate’s Escape! is a 3D Virtual Escape Room in which you’ve awakened trapped in a pirate’s cell. While your captors are away on land, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve a series of challenges in order to escape before they return.

This virtual event for interns will have the group racing through a series of puzzles spread over the entire vessel, in a quest to unlock the clues to abandon ship!

2. A Virtual Murder Mystery | Love In The First Degree

In this virtual murder mystery game Jesse Welsh was living his best life in 1987, set to marry the love of his life - Samantha. Moments after toasting to their love during the reception, he took a sip of his whisky, and collapsed to the ground.. 8 guests from the wedding are taken aside and split up for interrogation, with hopes of rooting out the murderer before the police arrive, who are sure to bungle the investigation. 8 Live actors, 1 murder, in 1 virtual mansion.

In this 1980's-themed fully virtual Murder Mystery, teams are split into smaller breakout 'tables' of 8-10 and tasked with interrogating the suspects in real-time;  Cross-examining their alibis over 3 rounds of live interaction before ultimately submitting their best guess for both the Murderer and the Motive. Who will be proven innocent? Who will be found guilty? Will the murderer be brought to justice? Only you can decide!

3. Get to Know Each Other | Human Bingo

What better way to have your interns get to know each other than with a game of human bingo! This virtual event idea for interns will encourage participants to learn fun facts about each other and make memories together through a series of questions and challenges. Rather than competing for just a five stamp line, the purpose of this game is to learn as much as possible about each other in an effort to complete your entire bingo card! Gather facts about each intern on a virtual bingo card and distribute them on their first day then offer a prize to whoever claims bingo! first. You’ll quickly see your interns stepping outside their comfort zone to get to know each other and mingle with new faces! 

4. Music Trivia | Name that Tune 

Think you know everything about your favourite artists? Teams compete in 3+ rounds of musical fun sure to bring your team together and have them singing all the way to the scoreboard! Play Name that Tune, Musical Trivia, Finish these Lyrics, and Guess your colleagues' favourite songs in this fast-paced, competitive experience.

Between rounds, get a glimpse of the leaderboard and talk up the other teams to fuel that competitive fire. And the trivia can be customized too! Is your team into Rock 'n' Roll? Disco? 90s Grunge? Let us know and we'll customize the rounds to match your virtual event ideas for your interns!

5. Time to Unwind & Connect | Coffee Chats

We’re huge fans of setting aside intentional time to connect with our teammates over a virtual coffee chat. Every couple of weeks we will pair up with another team member and set up a 20 minute call to connect about happenings other than work. This concept can easily be adapted to be a virtual event idea for interns with a bit of organization! As a manager, schedule coffee chats for the team by pairing interns with existing employees as well as other interns. You can even offer some prompts or discussion topics to help get the conversation flowing or prizes to the group who takes the best photo! As simple as this idea may be, this intern virtual event idea is guaranteed to form connections.

6. A Disaster Scenario & Survival Exercise | Project Artemis

In this modern update to classic team-building exercises, teams are given a scenario in which they must work together to decide the best strategy for survival, and come to a consensus in ranking the items they'll need while adapting to curveballs presented to them as the scenario progresses.

Using actors in professionally produced cutscenes,  polished visuals, and a rich back story - these elements combine to create an immersive experience for participants in our flagship scenario inspired by an Apollo Program Astronaut training exercise, and updated to the year 2037.