Get out those sweaters and start drinking the pumpkin spice lattes, because fall is just around the corner. Along with the season of cooler temperatures and colourful leaves comes the spooky holiday every sweet-tooth loves, Halloween! It’s been over two years since many companies made the switch to remote or hybrid working structures and we’ve all gotten used to virtual holiday parties with our teams. So while you may have gotten a free pass for your impromptu Halloween Zoom happy hour the last two years, you won’t get away too easily this time.

Organizing an engaging, exciting and unique social event around holidays is a fang-tastic way to show your remote employees you care. So if you’re looking for some spooky ways to bring your remote team together, read on for our ..

Top 11 Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work in 2023!

FrankEinsteins | Halloween Trivia

Who doesn’t love a classic game of trivia? Well you’re in luck, Moniker’s very own Halloween Trivia is the perfect way to rustle up some friendly competition and get everyone involved. We took our popular online trivia game and Halloween-ified it. Your group will be divided into teams and compete against each other in a variety of unique trivia rounds about this spooky day. Rankings can change at any second and it’s anyone’s game right up until the last question! Hilarious, fun and highly addictive this trivia game is a perfect virtual Halloween party for your workplace.

The Midnight Manor | A Halloween Themed Escape Room

The Midnight Manor is a spine-chilling Halloween virtual game unlike any other. You and your team find yourselves trapped within the confines of a haunted house, its dark corridors echoing with ghostly whispers. Your mission is clear: work together to solve a series of chilling puzzles and riddles that hold the key to your escape.

With just 60 minutes on the clock, every second counts as you unravel the mysteries that shroud this eerie mansion. Collaborate with your friends or fellow adventurers virtually, combining your wits and skills to crack codes, find hidden objects, and unlock secret passages. The haunted house is alive with enigmas that require your collective brainpower to solve.

As you delve deeper into the heart of the haunted house, you'll uncover its sinister history, encountering ghostly apparitions and discovering long-forgotten secrets. The tension mounts as the clock ticks down, heightening the thrill of the challenge. Can you and your team decipher the clues, overcome the spectral puzzles, and escape the clutches of the haunted house before your time runs out?

Cookies n’ Scream | Baking Cookies

For arguably one of the tastiest holidays around, why not trick or treat yo’self with something sweet? You’ll prepare by sending out a cookie recipe and ingredients prior to the team social. Once everyone is ready to go, have someone lead the group through baking. Our tip is to opt for an easy recipe and let the creativity flow when it comes to decorating. Sip some cocktails, and have a few laughs and share your delicious creations with the group. Easy and relaxing yet unique and interactive, this virtual Halloween party is sure to be a hit.

Treat your employees to something sweet at your next virtual Halloween party for work!

Hocus Pocus n’ Chill | Watch a Halloween Movie 

If your team is a little more on the chill side, then a classic movie night for your virtual Halloween party might be the right choice. With numerous streaming services such as Teleparty, Watch2Gether, or more, you can easily have multiple people watch a movie in sync and be able to chat at the same time. Offer a few different movie options so that team members, from the scare-obsessed to the scaredy cats can choose which movie to watch and divide accordingly. Coworkers can chat through the streaming app to mimic the feeling of a group movie night. So sit back, have some sweet treats or some boo-zy drinks and enjoy the classic Halloween movie night with your team.

Walk The Plank | Virtual Halloween Escape Room

Want a theme that’s more than just “Halloween”? What about an entire pirate-themed party? That’s right, get everyone to dress up in their best pirate costume and get ready to Abandon Ship, Moniker’s virtual escape room. Picture this: you’ve awoken trapped in a pirate’s cell, and you must escape before your captors return from land! 

Solve puzzles, find clues and work together as you race against the clock to not only find your way off the pirate ship, but also find the hidden treasure aboard. This virtual Halloween party is sure to have your team captivated start to finish. Add in a costume contest to really up the anti on this epic Halloween social. Yoho yoho, a pirate’s life for me

Hello, Gourd-geous | Pumpkin Carving Contest

Looking for something that will flex your creative muscle? Try a virtual pumpkin carving contest. Send out a list of proper materials, get everyone together on your virtual platform of choice and try your hand at carving! Have everyone vote on their favourite pick of the patch at the end and throw in an exciting prize for the winner. Pumpkin-spice things up by drawing categories out of a hat, carving something from your favourite Halloween movie or having to incorporate a random prop from your home. The possibilities are endless and hilarious results are sure to ensue. You simply can’t go wrong with this classic activity for your next virtual Halloween party.

Get creative with a pumpkin carving contest for your next virtual Halloween party for work

Monster Mash | Virtual Escape Room

Welcome to Omega Protocol, an interactive virtual Halloween team-building game like no other and perfectly in line with a spooky theme. Here’s the story: In an attempt to extend the longevity of life, a team of rogue scientists have accidentally unleashed a deadly zombie virus. Your uncle just happens to be one of those scientists, and now it's up to you and your team to work your way through his house to find the antidote. Unlock hidden doors, solve puzzles and decipher codes to save the world before it’s too late. Thrilling, unique and innovative this is one virtual Halloween party your team won’t soon forget!

Time Warp To The 80s | Virtual Murder Mystery

Nothing says Halloween like a muder mystery.Throw in some sparkly 80’s costumes, 8 zany characters and a story full of plot twists, and you and your team are in for one memorable night. Time to get this party startled with Moniker’s Love In The First Degree! We’re throwing it back to the 80s and you are cordially invited to the wedding of Jesse and Samantha. Suddenly, the groom drops dead from fatal poison, and its up to you to find the culprit.

Adorned in your best 80’s garb, you and your team will interview the 8 suspects (played by our talented live actors) and attempt to discover the murderer and their motive. Throw in prizes for the correct guess and for best dressed to really up the competition and enjoy a virtual Halloween party like no other.

Spooky Hunt from Home | A Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to embark on a spook-tacular journey from the comfort of your own home with our thrilling virtual Halloween game – "Spooky Hunt from Home." Gather your co-workers on Zoom and prepare for a hauntingly good time as you navigate Halloween-inspired challenges, test your knowledge with trivia, and embark on picture-perfect quests.

In this 60-minute adrenaline-pumping experience, you'll be transported into a world of Halloween mysteries and ghostly excitement. Your goal? To complete a series of engaging challenges that will earn you valuable points on your quest to victory. From brain-teasing trivia questions that test your Halloween know-how to creative picture challenges that capture the essence of the season, every task you conquer brings you closer to victory.

"Spooky Hunt from Home" offers a unique twist on Halloween fun, bringing the excitement of the holiday to your virtual gathering. So, gather your team, fire up your Zoom call, and prepare to conquer the Halloween hunt of a lifetime. The clock is ticking, the challenges await – are you up for the spooky adventure?

If You’ve Got It, Haunt It | Zoom Costume Contest

Gone are the days of improvised outfits and last minute costumes; remind your team how fun it is to really get into the spooky spirit. This year, make Halloween costumes the centrepiece of your event! Start early by spreading the word of a fierce costume contest, and make sure you include some truly epic prizes to rile up the excitement. Give your team plenty of time to work on their costume to really wow everyone or even provide a small stipend for people to put toward their creations. Then have everyone vote for their favourite to award a winner. In tandem with another activity on this list or as a stand alone event, everyone will love this opportunity to show off their outfits and it will make for a spook-tacular group photo!

Bonus Tip: Use the online setting to your advantage and remind your team to use their virtual background as a part of their costume.

The Moniker team at our own virtual Halloween party costume contest in 2021!

Witching You A Happy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so take it from us, and start planning now. Take an idea from this list, or even combine a few for an epic virtual Halloween Party. Curious about our virtual experiences? Contact us and we’ll help you choose the right fit for your team. Happy Haunting!