Let’s creep it real, we’re not talking about just another online costume contest. Dressing up is definitely part of what makes this holiday awesome, but we’ve got a whole lot of tricks (and treats) up our sleeves! If you’re looking for inventive and unique ideas that will connect your team from wherever they may be, look no further. Read on, if you dare, for our Top 10 Virtual Halloween Party Ideas.

Ahoy Matey, You’re Trapped | Virtual Halloween Escape Room

Bust out your pirate costume and hit the deck–of this 3D virtual pirate themed escape room! Picture this: It’s Halloween morning and you’ve awakened trapped in a pirate’s cell! While your captors are away on land, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve a series of challenges in order to escape before they return.

This virtual escape room will have the group racing through a series of puzzles spread over the entire vessel, in a quest to unlock the clues to abandon ship! Bring out the ghosts in this haunted ship by adding in a costume contest to get everyone in the spooky spirit for your next virtual halloween party.

FrankEinsteins | Halloween Trivia

Who doesn’t love a classic game of trivia? Well you’re in luck, Moniker’s very own Halloween Trivia is the perfect way to rustle up some friendly competition and get everyone involved. We took our popular online trivia game and Halloween-ified it. Your group will be divided into teams and compete against each other in a variety of unique trivia rounds about this spooky day. Rankings can change at any second and it’s anyone’s game right up until the last question! Hilarious, fun and highly addictive this trivia game is a perfect virtual Halloween party for your workplace.

Movie Night Fright | Halloween Movie Night

Everyone loves a good horror movie around Halloween right?... Right? Well even for those scaredy cats out there, there are multiple streaming services out there (such as Teleparty, Watch2Gether, or more) that allow multiple people to watch a movie in sync and be able to chat at the same time. If you and your team are looking for a more lowkey way to celebrate the haunted holiday, a movie night is definitely for you. Got a large group? Have everyone vote on a couple of Halloween-esque options beforehand and divide up into smaller groups to watch the winning films. This also helps divide the die-hard scary movie fans and the less horror inclined, so that everyone can watch a movie they enjoy. Colleagues can chat via the streaming app, have a laugh and feel connected in the comfort of their own homes. No costume required. So get out both the popcorn and candy corn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Escape the Undead | Virtual Escape Room

We’re so over plain old online parties, and we’re sure you are too. So why not spice it up with Moniker’s fun, interactive virtual Halloween team-building games to ensure your party is a success. Introducing: The Omega Protocol. A science experiment by a group of rogue scientists has gone terribly wrong, resulting in the rapid spread of a zombie virus. It’s up to you to race against time and find an antidote. Solve puzzles, find clues, unlock hidden doors and put your brains to the test before the zombies eat them! A fun virtual activity that not only helps your team bond, but is also unique and memorable? This one’s a no brainer.

Give ‘Em Pumpkin To Talk About | Pumpkin Carving Contest

Looking for something creative and competitive to really get everyone involved? Try a virtual pumpkin carving contest. That’s right, get together virtually and show off your carving skills. Everyone can vote for the winner who will receive a special prize (think: gift card of choice, food delivery or a nice bottle of wine). You can make this competition more challenging with fun parameters such as drawing categories out of a hat, carving something from your favourite Halloween movie or having to incorporate a random prop from your home. The possibilities are endless and hilarious results are sure to ensue. Afterwards, take some fun photos with your finished products and everyone will have a virtual keepsake. 

Take on A Court Case Pro Bone-o | Engaging Online Zoom Game

Okay, okay we know that pun was bad but luckily the game we’re talking about is anything but. Try out Moniker’s latest creation and epic game, Final Verdict. Arson, deception, fraud and mystery...get up close and personal with the drama of the courtroom when you and your teammates take on the role of a jury to solve a sensational court case! Interview live actors and use Moniker’s one-of-a-kind interactive virtual reality interface to discern if the defendant committed the crime. This team-building thriller is sure to engage, impress and provide a unique Halloween celebration for everyone. Innocent? Guilty? It’s up to you to decide. Watch out for extra twists and turns because after all, things aren’t always what they seem...

Solve a Greusume Murder | Mean Queens

As you’re strolling around your campus you see a cleverly designed lawn decoration featuring a yellow banana doused in gruesome blood and set prominently on someone's front yard. The top of the banana has been cut off and lies yards away. It won't be till morning that the decapitated body of Cory Singer is found inside that banana suit. 

For a truly immersive option for your next virtual halloween party, this is a true-crime podcast come to life. You’ll examine, prod, investigate and grill suspects as you come face to face with the reality that things aren’t always as they seem. Be sure to offer a prize to the winning team because this eerie-sistible murder mystery will name someone on your team the Hallow-Queen of all detectives.

The Midnight Manor | A Halloween Themed Online Escape Room

The Midnight Manor is a spine-chilling Halloween virtual game unlike any other. You and your team find yourselves trapped within the confines of a haunted house, its dark corridors echoing with ghostly whispers. Your mission is clear: work together to solve a series of chilling puzzles and riddles that hold the key to your escape.

With just 60 minutes on the clock, every second counts as you unravel the mysteries that shroud this eerie mansion. Collaborate with your friends or fellow adventurers virtually, combining your wits and skills to crack codes, find hidden objects, and unlock secret passages. The haunted house is alive with enigmas that require your collective brainpower to solve.

As you delve deeper into the heart of the haunted house, you'll uncover its sinister history, encountering ghostly apparitions and discovering long-forgotten secrets. The tension mounts as the clock ticks down, heightening the thrill of the challenge. Can you and your team decipher the clues, overcome the spectral puzzles, and escape the clutches of the haunted house before your time runs out?

Make Some Magic Potions | Cocktail Making Demo

Try a Halloween-themed cocktail making night to get your team to eat, drink and be scary! Put together a few fun recipes and provide everyone with a small bursary to get the necessary ingredients. Get together via your virtual platform of choice and have someone from your team lead everyone else in creating these festive treats. Fun, interactive and a little boozy, you can’t go wrong. Need some inspiration? Check out these fun Haunted Halloween Cocktails. As well, lots of bars and restaurants have now taken to making and delivering cocktail kits, so keep your eyes peeled for one near you. Grim and Tonics, Mask-ow Mules, Scaredrivers, the drink ideas (and frighteningly bad puns) are endless! 

Time Warp to the 80s | Virtual Murder Mystery

We’ve probably all dressed up as a character from the 80s for Halloween, so why not do it again, this time during Moniker’s most popular virtual game, Love In The First Degree. Journey back to the 80s where you’re cordially invited to the spectacular and totally tubular wedding of Jesse and Samantha. But wait! Something has gone terribly wrong and it's up to you to figure out who has poisoned the groom. Afterall, nothing says Halloween like a murder mystery. You and your teammates will interview the 8 eclectic and suspicious wedding guests (played by our talented live actors), and discern who committed the crime and what their motive may have been. Challenge everyone to dress in their best 80s attire and even add a prize for the raddest outfit. Throw in a fun at-home cocktail kit and you’re all set for a unique Hallow’s Eve like no other.

Trick Or Treat Yo’Self | Halloween Candy Tasting

I don’t know about you, but my favourite part of Halloween is the candy. And if your team has a collective sweet tooth, then try this unique idea so everyone can treat themselves. With services like Sugar Wish, you can let everyone on your team customize their own sweets box and choose what Halloween candy they like the most to be delivered right to their door. This delicious delivery can be combined with any of the other activities on this list, or host a virtual candy and wine tasting as its own activity! That’s right, candy and wine can go together and you can use this Pairing Guide to try some surprising combinations and vote for your favourite. Come for the candy, stay for the boos with this fun and easy virtual Halloween party idea.

Treat yourself! Top 10 Virtual Halloween Party Idea

Laugh Until You’re Coffin | Halloween Themed Zoom Game

Move over Dragon’s Den. Meet Frakenstein’s Lab, Dracula’s Bat Cave and Mummy’s Tomb. Welcome to Patent Pending, a pitch-it competition like no other. Get your creative juices flowing with Moniker’s hilarious game-show style challenge where teams must create and pitch a made up product based on some pretty crazy parameters. Teams will be provided with 3 target markets, 3 problems to solve and 2 hot trends to select from. They must choose one from each of these categories to create their product and pitch. In this special-edition, haunted version, players can expect to be solving some classic Halloween conundrums for some spooky characters and creatures. Compete with other teams to win the crowning achievement of the most creative and crazy pitch. Watch as your teammates come out of their shells and think outside the box to scare the competition away. Things are going to get downright batty!

Use Your Braaaains | Themed Trivia Night

Everyone loves a good trivia game. So why not plan a Virtual Halloween themed trivia night to stir up some healthy competition among friends. This one is easy to execute and cost-effective too. It doesn’t have to be just any Halloween trivia, you can get creative with trivia about popular horror movies, historical facts about the holiday or do a Halloween music or movie soundtrack quiz. You can even get colleagues to submit photos of them as children in Halloween costumes and have everyone guess who’s who. Provide a fun prize for the winners and you’ll have an easy but fun team Hallow’s Eve.

Trick or Treat!

Give Yourself a Fright | Virtual Halloween Haunted House

If you and your team are interested in the supernatural, try this one on for size. Virtual Halloween Haunted house tour. That’s right, even haunted houses are moving with the times and offering tickets to online tours of some of the world’s creepiest places. Though you may not come face to face with an actual ghost, reading about these haunted stories will send a chill down your spine and get you in the Halloween mood. Try the wacky and sprawling Winchester Mansion, the dark history of the Salem Witch Museum or the ruins of the Eastern State Penitentiary. You and your team can pour some drinks, learn their mysterious histories and click through these super creepy spots together. 

Go Ghost Hunting | A Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the perfect virtual halloween party idea and get ready to embark on a spook-tacular journey from the comfort of your own home with our thrilling virtual Halloween game – "Spooky Hunt from Home." Gather your co-workers on Zoom and prepare for a hauntingly good time as you navigate Halloween-inspired challenges, test your knowledge with trivia, and embark on picture-perfect quests.

In this 60-minute adrenaline-pumping experience, you'll be transported into a world of Halloween mysteries and ghostly excitement. Your goal? To complete a series of engaging challenges that will earn you valuable points on your quest to victory. From brain-teasing trivia questions that test your Halloween know-how to creative picture challenges that capture the essence of the season, every task you conquer brings you closer to victory.

"Spooky Hunt from Home" offers a unique twist on Halloween fun, bringing the excitement of the holiday to your virtual gathering. So, gather your team, fire up your Zoom call, and prepare to conquer the Halloween hunt of a lifetime. The clock is ticking, the challenges await – are you up for the spooky adventure?

Keep Calm and Spook On

Trick, treat or both, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our list, or even combine some of these options for an epic Halloween party. Virtual doesn’t mean boring, it means the chance to get creative and embrace this new opportunity to connect with your team in a new and dynamic way. Happy haunting!

Curious about our virtual experiences? Contact us and we’ll use our expertise to help you choose the right fit for your team.